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Once upon a time there was a gentleman who took for his

second wife the proudest and haughtiest woman that was ever

seen. She had two daughters who were just like her in every

way, bad disposition and all. The husband had a young daughter

of his own, but she was sweet and good. She took after her

mother, who had been the best in the world .

The marriage ceremony was hardly over when the stepmother’s

Temper flared up. She could not abide this young girl,

Whose goodness made her own daughters seem more hateful than ever. She gave her the vilest household tasks; it was Cinderella who scoured the pots and scrubbed the stairs, Cinderella who polished the bedchamber of madame and also those of her daughters.

Cinderella slept on a wretched straw pallet in a miserable garret away up in the top of the house. Her sisters lay on beds of the latest fashion in fine chambers with inlaid floors and great mirrors in which they could admire themselves from the tops of their silly heads to the bottoms of their feet.

The poor girl put up with everything. She dared not complain, even to her father. He would only have scolded her, because-alas!-he was tied hand and foot to his wife’s apron strings.

When her work was done, Cinderella would creep to the chimney corner and sit there in the ashes, earning for herself the nickname, Cinderseat. But her younger step-sister, who was not quite so rude as the elder, gave her the name of Cinderella, and Cinderella she was. In spite of her rags, however, Cinderella was a hundred times more beautiful than her sisters, for all their fine clothes.

Now it happened that the king’s son was to give a ball. He invited everyone who was anyone, including our two young misses, for they cut quite a figure in the land. They were delighted with themselves, busy as you please choosing their Cinderella, for it was she who starched their linen and puffed their ruffles. Chitter chatter of nothing from morning to night bout what they would wear and how they would wear and how they would look.

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    從前有個紳士娶了全世界最傲慢的女人為二妻子。二妻子所生的兩個女兒遺承了她所有的壞性格。丈夫自己還有個年輕女兒, 但她是個甜蜜的好女孩,有著她母親(這位的世上最好的女人)的所有個性。婚禮才過沒多久繼母的脾氣就開始騷動了。她不能忍受這位小女兒,因為小女兒的好讓她的兩個女兒更為另人厭惡。她給小女兒最卑劣的家務事。擦罐(指夜壺?)是灰姑娘,刷樓梯是灰姑娘,擦繼母與她兩個女兒的女生床臺的也是灰姑娘。



    [寫給自己:to cut a figure = to make a display (口語)]


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  • 從前有採取為他的第二個妻子最驕傲和最傲慢的婦女曾經被看見的紳士。她有是像她用每方式, 壞性格和所有的二個女兒。丈夫有他自己的一個年輕女兒, 但她是甜和好的。她採取了在她的母親以後, 是最佳在世界上。

    婚禮幾乎不是當繼母的脾氣飄動了。她不能遵守這個女孩, 善良做她擁有女兒似乎可惡。她給了她vilest 家庭任務; 這是擦試罐的灰姑娘並且洗刷了臺階, 擦亮女士bedchamber 和並且那些她的女兒的灰姑娘。

    灰姑娘睡覺了在一個孤苦秸桿板臺在一棟淒慘的閣樓在房子的上面。她的姐妹位置在最新的時尚的床上在美好的分庭與他們能敬佩自己從他們傻的頭上面對他們的腳底部的被鑲嵌的地板和偉大的鏡子。可憐的女孩忍耐了一切。她不敢抱怨, 對她的父親。他只會責罵她, because?alas??he 是被綁住的手和腳對他的妻子的圍裙串。

    當她的工作被完成了, 灰姑娘會爬行對煙囪角落和會坐那裡在灰, 獲得為她自己綽號, Cinderseat 。但她的更加年輕的異父母的姊妹, 不是相當很粗魯的作為長輩, 給了她她是灰姑娘, 和灰姑娘的名字。竟管她的舊布, 然而, 灰姑娘比她的姐妹一百倍美麗, 為所有他們美好的衣裳。

    現在它發生, 國王的兒子將給球。他邀請了大家是任何人, 包括我們的二年輕錯過, 為了他們相當削減了一個圖在土地。他們高興與他們自己, 繁忙作為您請選擇他們的灰姑娘, 為了這是她古板他們的亞麻布和喘氣他們的皺紋。Chitter □什麼的聊天從早晨到夜回合什麼他們會佩帶並且怎麼他們會佩帶並且怎麼他們會看

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