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麻煩用英文翻譯 “牧丹花下死,作鬼也風流”


does 牧丹花 represent a beautiful woman?

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    牡丹花 surely represent beautiful women and romantic affairs. 


    tree peony

  • vic
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    It's a romantic way to die in the passionate embracement of woman.

    2005-05-10 17:53:19 補充:

    Yes, 牧丹花 indicates a beautiful woman!The first idea struck me was: It's a romantic way to die in the passionate embracement of a beautiful woman. Of course Cats I Love had already contributed a lot of information regarding this old saying.I think it was originally used to express the the romantic, tender, or even sensual desire of a man. Unfortunately, it has gradually been used to refer to a man's frivolity and lasciviousness, and now it is also an arty excuse of a womanizer!I would post it on if I could come up with other interpretation!※ Literally speaking: It must turn a gallant ghost if a man could die in the hand of a beauty!

  • Cheng
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    Mu Dan leaves flower very much, it is distinguished and admirable too to make to spirits

  • Anonymous
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    互相求進步, would you care to answer this question? ^^

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