轉學考試英文 試題 I. Grammar 1. Ms. Yu has suggested _______ more reservation clerks. A. hire B. hiring C. hired D. to hire 2. ______ we had checked the figures, the supervisor found a mistake. A. Unless B. However C. Since D. Even though 3. ______ costs make profits smaller. A. enlist B. listing C. Rising D.... show more 轉學考試英文 試題
I. Grammar
1. Ms. Yu has suggested _______ more reservation clerks.
A. hire B. hiring C. hired D. to hire
2. ______ we had checked the figures, the supervisor found a mistake.
A. Unless B. However C. Since D. Even though
3. ______ costs make profits smaller.
A. enlist B. listing C. Rising D. Raised
4. Each passenger’s name _______ with his or cabin number.
A. seals B. seal C. is listed D. is listing
5. Mr. Selvas delivered the _________bid to the client.
A. ascended B. seal C. sealing D. sealed
6. Salaries must be _______ if we are to remain competitive.
A. ascended B. increased C. escalated D. risen
7. If you _______ how to use a computer, consult the manual.
A. won’t understand B. don’t understand C. understood D. not
8. The Bangkok branch of our bank _________ ten years ago this month.
A. opens B. has C. opened D. was opening
9. Computer software is a ________ market.
A. competitor B. competitive C. competition D. competitiveness
10. Mr. Fong had the client _______ her questions in writing.

II. Reading: fill in the blanks with proper words
The __11__ bomb attack in Bali, October 2002, was cruel for Lucy Empson, a
European music __12__ manager in London. Lucy was among the __13__. Her
anxious co-workers hoped against hope that she would be found safe, that there was
some other reason why she didn’t answer her cell phone. Finally, on Oct. 15, the
fears were __14__. Many friends __15__ her funeral in the northwest London
suburb. Everybody who __16__ responded to her smile that __17__ rooms, her
__18__ positive attitude. Her co-workers recall Lucy’s __19__ for her work. Lucy’s
__20__ was “Move on-onward and upward!”
11. A. terror B. terrorist C. terrorism D. terrific
12. A. market B. marketing C. marketed D. marketable
13. A. missed B. misses C. missing D. miss
14. A. confirmed B. confused C. confuted D. confided
15. A. joined B. celebrated C. attended D. presented
16. A. bumped into her B. confronted with C. came into contact with her
17. A. lighten up B. lighted up C. lit up D. lightening up
18. A. unfail B. unfailing C. unfailingly D. unfailed
19. A. compassion B. passion C. patron D. compensation
20. A. mode B. model C. motto D. morale

Reading: fill in the blanks with proper words and define the underlined words.
Back in the 1990’s, the futurists who wrote about technology were briefly
infatuated with (21) the idea that computers and televisions were destined to converge
into (22) a single unit, a “ teleputer, “ as some __23__ it. Toshiba even went so far as
to market a home PC that ran TV and music as well as word processing and
spreadsheets. It was a flop. (24)
The problem is that people use computers and televisions in very different ways.
They sit right in front of a computer, usually alone, and type into it. They sit back
from a TV set, often with company (25), and control it with a wireless __26__,
__27__ both needs with a single machine seems fraught with (28) difficulty.
Yet the convergence of PC is with us once again, backed this time by two giants of
__29__--Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. And __30__ with one of HP’s new Media
Center PCs for a couple of weeks, I can report that it’s surprisingly good.
21. Infatuated with means: A. in love with B. reject C. despise D. disagree
22. Converge into means: A. separate B. meet together C. duplicate D. clone
23. A. named B. combined C. dubbed D. initiated
24. A. flop means A. a quick success B. a total failure
C. a dream come true D. an innovation
25. Company means A. an organization B. a number of individuals together
C. a person employed a corporation D a corporation
26. A. mouse B. click C. remote D. cellular
27. A. To be satisfied B. Having satisfied C. designed D. launched
28. Fraught means: A. filled B. challenged C. designed D. launched
29. A. computing B. computerdom C. competitiveness D. competitions
30. A. Having lived B. Living C. Have lived D. Lived

International Health Officials are being confronted by everyone’s worst nightmare:
a highly __31__, potentially __32__ disease of unknown genetic makeup and __33__
there is currently no antidote or __34__. The sudden spread of a mysterious strain of
“atypical” pneumonia called Severe __35__ Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) promted
the world Health Organization (WHO) to issue an emergency travel advisory for parts
of Asia.
The __36__ may have started this winter when 305 people in Guangdong were
__37__ with atypical pneumonia. The illness is spread by __38__ respiratory mucous
and saliva __39__. Hospital workers are advised to wear protective gloves, __40__
and gowns.
31. A. contengions B. contagious C. contigens D. contigious
32. A. fetel B. fetal C. fatal D.faitel
33. A. by far B. by which C. for which D. in that
34. A. vaccine B. vecine C.vacine D. vaccine
35. A. Accute B. Acutte C. Acute D. Acutee
36. A. outbreak B. outbroke C. outbroken D.outbreaking
37. A. affected B. infected C. effected D. infacted
38. A. airbreath B. airbone C. airborn D. airborne
39. A. dropping B. drops C. droplets D. dropouts
40. A. mesks B. marsks C. masks D. mascots
Harry Potters is ___41___ whose parents were killed by the evil sorcerer
Voldemort when Harry was a baby. Voldemort tried to kill Harry too but only __42__
his forehead. Harry finds another family in his professors and the students at
Hogwarts , a school for young __43__.
“I admire bravery above almost every other __44__,” J.K. Rowling, the author of
Harry Potter, told Time when she sat down to talk about the __45__ she had created.
“Bravery is a very glamorous virtue…”
Conservative Christian parents have argued that the books __46__ witchcraft and
Satanism. There is also a small secular culture war about whether these books are
good enough to deserve their acclaim, whether they will endure as __47__ or fade as
Hogwarts School is a testament to the __49__ that learning still takes time and
patience. There’s no __50__ that fills one’s head with knowledge; the best Hermione
can manage in Book 3 is the Time Turner, to give her more hours to study.
41. A. a bully B. an orphan C. a nerd D. a homeless
42. A. scarred B. scarce C. scared D. scaring
43. A. wisdom B. witness C. wits D. wizards
44. A. characteristic B. characters C. charisma D. charities
45. A. characteristic B. characters C. charisma D. charities
46. A. provoke B. provide C. promote D. propel
47. A. class B. classical C. classics D. classicism
48. A. fads B.fate C. failure D. fairy
49. A. realistic B. real C. reality D. realism
50. A. spell B. wand C. script D. superstitions
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