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各位大大可不可以幫我改一下文法 謝謝^^

Hi everybody! My name is Mary . I'm now starting introducing myself.

I am 20 years old. There are four members in my family. I'm the youngest child in my family, and I have an older sister.

The activities in my free time are watching TV (like entertainment programs), and surfing the Internet. I spend most of my time surfing the Internet, like receiving e-mails, looking for some information, or learning software programs, such as image processing software and Web page designing software, etc. However, my favorite activity is to go shopping. But I don't usually shop in the department store. I shop in the night market instead. Taiwan's night markets are like department stores but they are noisier, dirtier and more crowded. You can find everything you need in a night market. Sometimes you can also buy high-quality but inexpensive items. Besides, there are various snacks that you can eat in the night market. My favorite snacks that I definitely eat when I go to the night market are Tofu pudding, Stinky tofu, Pigs blood cake. Take bean curd with odor for example. Although it doesn't smell good, if you eat with pickles, it is a nonpareil.

My current job is to run an online auction business at home, selling tiny toys made in Japan. The exquisite toys are made according to their original products and are many people's favorite collections. Although I don't make a big money by this job, I like the job and therefore I have made up my mind to run service business after graduation both to lear how to run a business and to manage supplier relationship. After being familiar with the process of the business, I will fullfill my dream; that is, I'll run a Japanese toy shop.

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    ~文章很長,我挑較重點的地方改一下~家中有4人用 4people較佳最愛的活動是" is going shopping"百貨公司,夜市要加"s"buy something high-quality both to lear how to run 改為and also to learn..........您大致寫的不錯,有些地方"夜市"的贅字太多可改成"there"

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