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芷氣嬝然襲人柔, 月明空, 舞笙歌.

佳人屣步飄香砌, 素娥哽咽避慚容.

羅杉輕捻, 暗塵不起. 恰似水神凌波來.

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    Zhi attacks people angrily and slender and delicate and rightly gently , the moon is bright and empty, dance playing and singing.

    Beautiful woman shoe step drifting fragrance build, plain pretty young woman is it avoid ashamed to hold to choke with sobs.

    The China fir of silk gauze is rotated lightly, the dark dust does not arise . Ride the waves just like water god .

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    mm 是怎樣~ 亂英文盲嗎?

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    芷 was mad 嬝 however assails the one's nose supply, the month

    bright is spatial, dances the music and song The beautiful woman 屣

    step flutters fragrant builds, element E sobs evades ashamed

    accommodates Luo Shanch'ing twists, dark dust Is just like 水神

    the surging waves

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