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    The Internet existence also meant the society has in a big way

    regarding the computer demand quantity. Actually the whole world

    nearly all has the Internet, only is by the different shape existence,

    the information time convenience also leads the Internet enterprise the

    development. Internet advantage: First, does not have the computer

    regarding the family in, perhaps in the family the computer quantity

    few families said, the Internet extremely facilitates. For example in

    the family has three elementary students, but only has a computer, one

    but must look up the material to make the work, not attacks brutally

    snatches the computer to use, the Internet has provided the


    Second, perhaps goes to travel in the outside foreign land person,

    the Internet but they receives the letter the main place, therefore the

    big city perhaps the tourism developed city certainly all have the Internet existence. I often Internet saw in the net the public figure of foreign

    nationality uses m s n or receives the letter, with hometown relatives

    and friends relation. Third, the Internet provides the more games

    platform, regarding likes the person which plays the game saying, does

    not need own to buy several dozens games discs, can play to several

    dozens kind of games, was not facilitates many? Fourth, provides

    the leisure place. As for the city people that, besides window-shops

    looked movie k t v, many one kind of leisure entertainment place has

    been allowed to choose.

    Internet shortcoming: First, as a result of the Internet difference

    population good and evil intermingled, is very easy to have not the

    good influence. (Makes noise stirs up trouble and so on) two, the air

    conditioning is not good. The majority network Internet equipment is

    imperfect, attracts the tobacco area with must to attract the tobacco

    area boundary to be fuzzy, the smoke harms with the air does not

    circulate. Third, bacterium infection. The Internet mostly belongs to

    the airtight space, under the condition which the air does not

    circulate, is easy to create the germ the infection. Moreover, the

    news also had reported the mouse has not disinfected, also has very

    many people to bump, also can create certain diseases the indirect


    四、 because the Internet mostly is 24 hours business, boss

    cannot because of the customer long time use computer, be able not to

    be good to the health for by catches up with the visitor. Adds on

    developed which on-line plays, many people but do not sleep the

    continuous use computer, therefore indulges lingers the net 咖 also

    is the common phenomenon.

    五、 the young people use the Internet,

    because does not have guardian's surveillance, he may willfully glance

    over not the good website, for example young girl's net hands over

    very many all is Internet carries on the transaction liaison using the net.

    I thought that, brings the convenience for the crowd, can have it not

    good influence, the hydro energy carries the boat also to be able the

    capsized boat. The Internet is the very good example.

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  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    The existence of the net cafe also means the demand of society to computer has another greatly.

    In fact global almost have the net cafe, just exist with the different appearance, the convenience of the times of the information also arouses the development of the net cafe business.

    The advantage of the net cafe:

    A,for there is no computer in home, or the few family of the computer quantity in the home to say, the net cafe is very convenient.For example there are three primary schools in home get, but only a computer, once to check the data the affected industry, don't get into nasty fight to rob the computer to use, the net cafe provided the convenience.

    Two,?Or go on a tour the outlying foreign land the person, net cafe but they accept a the main place of book, so big city City or tour industry the flourishing city certainly all has the net cafe of existence.I often see the foreigner use the msn or accept the letter in the net cafe, contacting the friends and relatives of the home town.

    Three,the net cafe provide more platformers, saying for the person who like to play games, don't need the oneself to buy ten how many games CD, can play to several ten kinds of games, is it the convenience that have another?

    Four,?Provide the recreational place.For the city person to say, in addition to going shopping to go to the movie the ktv , the place that had another a kind of recreational amusement can choose.

    The weakness of the net cafe:

    A,because the net cafe discrepancy population is uneven, causing the bad influence very easily.(Quarreling the matter waits for)

    Two,the air condition is not good.Most net cafe equipments are not perfect, smoking area with smoke not the area boundary faintness, the smoke harms with airless.

    Three,the infection of the germ.The net cafe belongs to the closeness space mostly, airless condition next, cause the germ infected easily.And, the news also reported the mouse and did not disinfect, and then had a lot of persons to touch,

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