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Shanfu asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

”means” 跟 ”way” 用法有何不同?

"means" 跟 "way" 都可以當方法,方式。那請問用法有何不同?

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  • vic
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    雖然way和 means都有方法的意思但用法上各有各的習慣片語不可混用- by all means : most assuredly (用盡所有方法) 一定地, 確實地- by means of : through the use of 利用- by no means : in no way; not at all 決不- all the way : to the full or entire extent 盡量; as far as possible 越遠越好- by the way : by way of interjection or digression 順便- by way of   1 : for the purpose of 為了  2 : by the route through 經由- in a way   1 : within limits : with reservations 為了   2 : from one point of view 另一方面- in one's way also in the way   1 : in a position to be encountered by one : in or along one's course 在其位  2 : in a position to hinder or obstruct 阻礙- on the way or on one's way   : moving along in one's course : in progress 在路上, 途中, 或進行中- the way 1 : in view of the manner in which 方式 2 :like, as 像…一般  

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    by means of : 介係詞片語 後面加名詞或動名詞做受詞


    ex. I achieved this goal by menas of your encouragement.

    the way : 後面加 名詞子句


    ex. I don't like the way (that) you treat people.

    = I don't like how you treat people.

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