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Anonymous asked in 教育與參考出國留學 · 2 decades ago







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    該注意ㄉ事 應該是

    1. 恩...你要有心理準備會想家 畢竟你以前可能沒有離開家那麼久過 我一開始會躲在棉被裡流眼淚 但是後來 我決定跟住宿家庭的人說 他們也很好 就近量帶我出去 distract ur mind. 後來也就好了

    2. 有任何不滿的話 是和你的host family 討論 there is no need to go to school and tell ur friends and saying something bad about ur hostfamily. because when others doesnt understand the situation, they got the wrong image. maybe u hurt ur host family unintentionlly (my personal experience)

    3. dont be afraid to speak english. no matter ur level!!!! ur here to learn, and ur host family is also ready to host you!!! both of you maybe expected some challenginngs already. and had pictures in mind of the "moment when u meet" , just open ur mind and show the TRUE u. no need to be shy!!

    4. if u have some problems regarding to english, ie, dont understand whats going on in the class??? dont panic!! u can either ask ur teacher after class for additional toturing or ask your friends! what i did before, i dont understand what the teacher talking about , i only know she was assigning homework!!! coz i understand the word homework... after the class, i ask people next to me----->get chance to practice english, people know u are not english mother tongue, they usually nice to you and willing to giving help. second, u get chance to MEET NEW FRIENDS!!! this is the most important thing about "foreign exchange student" is to learn about a different culture and learn to adapt the different way of life.

    you can join clubs as well, like basketball? go for it. or cheerleaders? why not? go for the tryouts, maybe u will get the opportunity!

    good luck!

    Source(s): i am foreign exchange student few years ago, experienced some prob in the past, so just sharing with you!
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