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請把他翻成英文, 謝謝!!

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    Yesterday was a stellar night,

    But my heart filled in sorrow was rainy.

    By the bickering candlelight,

    my lone and empty was reflected

    I wanted to erase all the beautiful memories

    that belonged to us in thee past times.

    How much tears had I wept?

    And how much hates did I leave?

    The midnight was so long to be aeon,

    that I can’t help but falling asleep deeply.

    I prayed for the dawn coming,

    Because the scenes of sorrow、the joy、the near and apart,

    that excruciated my soul incessantly in my dream.

    Source(s): myself and soul
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    你這種東西, 最好先翻成白話文, 在翻成英文

    因為這一種文學的東西, 已經牽涉到文化的部分

    或許你覺得詩情畫意, 很有文學美味, 但是有時候翻成英文, 外國人體會不出來, 會變成只有華人才懂才能體會的英文, 所以這種東西翻成英文很怪, 而且這種文學東西, 西方人有自己的一套表達方式, 你可以讀讀西方文學

    Source(s): 一點心得
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  • 2 decades ago

    Yesterday star ,yesterday rain ,a weak candlelight accompany shadow a body empty, the pass day mood for east wind ,how much teer , how much hate , ever night throw people in dream soul , the sorrow the cheerful the leave the combine wait the dawn!

    我的英文真的"很好"吧! 嘿嘿..來亂的! 參考參考啦!

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