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    Keyword: Language of the whole America , studying the previous language , educational institution , infant's American language


    In order to train the second language ability of the infant's, a lot of parents are looking for the more high-quality American language school constantly, so has passed for many years, it becomes the fashion that the infant studied the American language.

    However, while the infant follows the American language educationally, the most influential factor is no more than parents' participation and attitude, so parents should consider first when the infant chooses the educational institution that infant's body and mind is developed, hope that in the future , each family can spread out of the happy bilingual exchange words at the same time .

    The municipal preschool of teachers college of Taibei is that associate professor Lin PeiRong says: ' multiple languages country not such as Switzerland , Belgium of Taiwan has environment of natural languages, a lot of children are infant's American language school in a getting preschool one, after coming back home, use Chinese, American language person who expose insufficient, combine with different teachers at present, is it really necessary to move the age of study of the American language forward? "In infant period, is that the child thinks deeply cognitivly with the importance developing stage of ability to express in the whole learning process. If this period let them study the American language rashly if there are no suitable study environment and good teachers, can't let their ability to express unable to progress mostly. '

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    2 decades ago

    In order to raise baby's second language ability, many guardians unceasingly seek the higher quality beautiful language school, therefore passes through many years, the baby study beautiful language has become the popular unrest. However, meets in the beautiful language education process in the baby, affects the biggest factor not too guardian's participation and the manner, therefore guardian chooses the educational institution when the baby, suitably first considered the baby body and mind development, simultaneously hoped in the future, each family all will be able to spread the joyful bilingual exchange words. The Taibei municipally established normal school preschool education is Associate Professor Lin P'eijung said that, "Taiwan like Switzerland, Belgium and so on the multi- languages country does not have the natural language environment, very many children in front of school age although on is the baby beautiful language school, after but gets the home, the use is Chinese, beautiful language exposition quantity insufficient, in addition at present the teachers are irregular, really has the necessity to proceed the beautiful language study age to move?" "The baby time, is the child in the entire study process the cognition ponder and the expression ability important development phase. This time if does not have the suitable learning environment and the good teachers then rashly lets them study the beautiful language, mostly is unable to let their expression ability be unable to progress."

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