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我需要機器人歷險記的「英文字幕 」~~

我需要機器人歷險記的「英文字幕 」






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    不知道是不是 Robots

    {26}{51}Legend produced for:|Team Videoloucos of Translation (c) 2005

    {56}{81}|The Largest Community of Legends of Brazil

    {558}{758}Synchronization|By DARF

    {1516}{1635}I will be father! Has just spoken|with my wife! My son will be born!

    {1638}{1724}- I have, leave the road!|- I will be father!


    {1882}{1922}Good luck, Herb!

    {1931}{1969}Nor think about that!

    {2069}{2157}- Excuse. I will be father!|- Congratulations!

    {2200}{2271}I have, Mr. Metz!|Did he/she already hear the good ones new?

    {2277}{2318}That beautiful day!

    {2368}{2406}I arrived!

    {2415}{2495}- I arrived!|- Dear, I feel a lot.

    {2501}{2560}You lost the delivery.

    {2576}{2670}But everything well, the more|entertaining it is to set up the baby!


    {3194}{3324}- Dear, I think he/she caught the wrong screw...|- I don't need the manual.

    {3678}{3761}Push! Push!

    {4112}{4229}A work of 12 hours.|Will it be that it was worth to the feather?

    {4233}{4286}Only look for him!

    {4291}{4415}Rodney Copperbottom! He/she has the eyes|of his/her mother and my father's nose.

    {4418}{4468}It was good to have kept|those parts!

    {4475}{4564}I feel that he will accomplish big|done for the world!

    {4572}{4639}Dear, what does that break is?

    {4661}{4760}They always put one|he/she leaves extra.

    {4770}{4817}Did we want a boy, right?

    {4883}{4940}He/she won't hurt anything, son.

    {5144}{5207}It is his/her narizinho.|It is yours...

    {5760}{5812}- Hello, son!|- Will I win new parts?

    {5816}{5852}He/she goes yes!

    {5937}{6072}- But they are not brilliant...|- Well, they are used...

    {6075}{6167}They were given by the|my cousin Jeffrey.

    {6172}{6221}And they are alone for that year.

    {6887}{6989}- Father, who is that?|- That is Bigweld.

    {6993}{7049}The largest robot of the world.

    {7053}{7118}I thought you went|the largest robot of the world!

    {7127}{7221}Besides me!|He is owner of the industries Bigweld.

    {7225}{7299}He invents things that|they improve the life of all.

    {7308}{7379}- Can I know him/it?|- Clear. Who knows one day?

    {7385}{7508}- Father, what do you make?|- I work at a chic restaurant.

    {7526}{7563}I am lava-plates!

    {7718}{7804}Live of Robot City,|the show of Bigweld.

    {7898}{7957}He/she walks, father! He/she is losing.

    {7964}{8042}I am going, Rodney!

    {8048}{8160}I had to bring work home.|Mr. Gunk is collecting me.

    {8179}{8269}He/she is now his/her presenter, Bigweld!

    {8274}{8376}Welcome! I thought you/they would like|of giving a walk in the industries Bigweld.

    {8380}{8458}There it is the main gate.|And it is very nice!

    {8525}{8611}- Good morning, Tim!|- Good morning, Mr. Bigweld.

    {8617}{8676}Tim, who did the main gate close?

    {8682}{8809}- I thought...|- We never closed the main gate!

    {8814}{8888}It would be the same as|to end with our ideas!

    {8893}{8995}Everyday robots come here|to show their new ideas!

    {9061}{9114}I listen all of them.

    {9253}{9372}And remember. You don't care|it is done of surpluses or of new parts.

    {9376}{9450}You can shine, it doesn't matter|of what it is done.

    {9456}{9503}He is speaking to me, father.

    {9508}{9569}With certainty, son.

    {9590}{9673}Certain, personal.|We will invent!

    {9778}{9926}But all of the inventions that exist|they were born of a good idea!

    {10009}{10138}Then seek a need and begin|to have ideas for us to supply such need.

    {10142}{10228}An idea takes the other and|before you notice...

    {10279}{10379}you got!|Discover the need and put an end to her!

    {10383}{10444}It is that, father! I have to seek...

    {10530}{10579}a need.

    {10911}{10940}He/she calms there...

    {11321}{11359}Hello, boy!

    {11392}{11457}Here they are their 12 year-old parts.

    {11461}{11499}- They are...|- Second-hand.

    {11507}{11566}I know, father.|But I don't call.

    {11584}{11652}They Belong to his/her cousin Veronica.

    {11672}{11754}You know that her|it is quite popular!

    {12802}{12922}As soon as his/her warranty ends,|you begin to fall to the pieces.

    {12931}{13017}- Soon I will be covered with adhesive ribbon.|- Try again, father.

    {13022}{13135}Rodney, you ended|with all of the problems of that?

    {13138}{13185}We go there! That goes|to facilitate his/her work.

    {13190}{13223}I invented for you.

    {13319}{13409}- Certain, we will try.|- Great! It is now.

    {13420}{13502}Robot-fantastic, to the work!

    {14902}{14966}- Copperbottom!|- Mr. Gunk!

    {14969}{15031}- The one what is this?|- My son invented.

    {15035}{15118}- The one what is making?|- Mr. Gunk, you scared him.

    {15164}{15203}He/she is destroying my kitchen!

    {15248}{15306}- I will stop him/it.|- Not!

    {15402}{15496}- Was his/her son?|- My father didn't have to do anything with that.

    {15501}{15567}He is a brilliant boy|and it invented that.

    {15571}{15624}Clean that mess!

    {15630}{15703}And you leave of here, inventor.

    {15706}{15799}You will never be anything besides the|son of a washer of plates.

    {15806}{15912}Somebody removes that oil of me.|He/she will frighten the customers.

    {15931}{16016}- Round trip?|- Only departure.

    {16092}{16143}There it is you!

    {16147}{16195}I told you that he/she would find him/it.

    {16205}{16243}It is the maternal instinct.

    {16244}{16360}He left a ticket saying|that it left of train!

    {16363}{16432}He/she leaves for there. Catch his/her suitcase,|he/she will go back home now.

    {16436}{16492}No, mother. I need to do that.

    {16495}{16621}I am going to Robot City to arrange a job|and to help the father to pay Mr. Gunk.

    {16624}{16699}Speak to him.|Robot City?

    {16703}{16781}- You are just a boy!|- I will never be somebody here.

    {16784}{16863}I want to be an inventor|as Bigweld.

    {16867}{16903}I want to be somebody!

    {16908}{17005}You are somebody. Somebody that|he/she won't arise in that train.

    {17007}{17072}- I go yes.|- Speak to him.

    {17178}{17238}- A passage for Robot City.|- Where what does think goes?

    {17242}{17282}Who goes is him.

    {17286}{17444}- But...|- Rodney, I wanted to be musician in his/her age.

    {17448}{17596}I played well, but my father|it thought it would not be future.

    {17599}{17694}Then I ended up being a washer of plates.|I am not complaining.

    {17698}{17771}But I always said for me same...

    {17775}{17901}if I could choose again,|he/she would follow my heart.

    {17929}{17984}You are big, Rodney.

    {17988}{18029}Never doubt.

    {18034}{18135}Go to Robot City,|find Bigweld

    {18138}{18193}and show him their great ideas.

    {18202}{18314}And Rodney, never give up.

    {18739}{18790}All the on board.


    {19222}{19269}I won't disappoint him/it, father.

    {19278}{19326}You will be proud of me!

    {19402}{19459}I know that yes.

    {20742}{20779}With license, it was able to...

    {20784}{20880}He/she can tell me where they are|the industries Bigweld?

    {20885}{20983}- Perfect! They are 50 silvers.|- 50 silvers? For the the something?

    {20987}{21036}For a beautiful picture of his/her first|moment in Robot City!

    {21038}{21113}Now it is his/her second moment.|They are more 50 dollars.

    {21118}{21147}Is he/she writing down?

    {21174}{21256}Help me here! More presence, less pose.

    {21260}{21329}Inside of you he/she has a model|ready to leave.

    {21335}{21416}Feel big eyes,|same to the of Japanese drawing.

    {21462}{21536}- I am adoring!|- I don't want pictures.

    {21540}{21575}- Doesn't he/she want?|- Not!

    {21579}{21668}Everything well, the camera is without film.|Does he/she want a map with the houses of the famous ones?

    {21673}{21704}Where him?

    {21987}{22046}I am "with a free screw"

    {22190}{22237}Does he/she want to buy a clock?

    {22240}{22291}Don't buy us, we are falsified.


    {22577}{22651}With license, as I do for|to arrive in the industries Bigweld?

    {22779}{22817}He/she leaves for there.

    {23132}{23208}With license, as I do for|to arrive in the industries Bigweld?


    {23399}{23459}Ta, thank you.

    {23466}{23611}The express that it crosses the city with|I destine to the industries Bigweld is leaving.

    {23616}{23828}Children cannot travel alone.|It is advisable to hold their movable parts.

    {23843}{23893}Forced to all and a good morning.

    {24427}{24483}What...?|Do I have, are you following myself?


    {24516}{24566}First time in the express?

    {24570}{24620}- Actually me...|- Gee!

    {24636}{24721}Good luck in the big city. If he/she does|success here, will do anywhere.

    {24724}{24795}If it doesn't get,|welcome to the club.

    {25028}{25077}- Oh, not!|- What was the one?

    {25080}{25141}- We left the rail! We will fall!|- The one what?

    {25446}{25485}I was playing.

    {25499}{25537}Put the hands among the legs.

    {25872}{25902}There he/she is leaving my point.

    {26389}{26474}My parts are falling.|That shame.


    {27335}{27411}It was very worse, he/she had|a gigantic hammer.

    {27433}{27469}He/she still has!

    {28059}{28117}Be with me, boy. I know the|city as the palm of my hand.

    {28122}{28151}I have, that is new.

    {28614}{28717}"You can shine, it doesn't matter|of what it is done."

    {28728}{28782}With license, can I help him/it?

    {28787}{28855}Excuse, me... I have!

    {28859}{28960}- You are Tim of the program of TV!|- I am me!

    {28965}{29048}Hello, Tim. Who did the gate close?

    {29053}{29113}- Him never clamor...|- The one what you want?

    {29142}{29208}I would like to see Mr. Bigweld.

    {29213}{29276}I am an inventor.

    {29312}{29415}Why didn't say soon he/she?|Wait there.

    {29880}{29906}Thank you!

    {29975}{30063}I caught you! You were|all lively and there "bum!"

    {30098}{30154}Certain, I already had fun.|He/she can enter.

    {30312}{30362}That is very funny!

    {30377}{30498}It was the second time.|He/she thought I will let to enter him.

    {30522}{30551}But I don't go.

    {30557}{30624}Excuse boy, but|they are rules of the company.

    {30627}{30705}Like them they will negotiate|new inventors like this?

    {30709}{30765}Don't go!|That is thing of the past.

    {30769}{30861}Return two years ago and|maybe get a job!

    {31220}{31334}And remember. You don't care|it is done of surpluses or of new parts.

    {31339}{31415}You can shine, it doesn't matter|of what it is done.

    {31420}{31518}Mine ours. That delegated extraordinary.

    {31532}{31595}Concern with the common robot.

    {31600}{31692}They are not more values like this.

    {31696}{31749}And for a good reason.

    {31752}{31810}That doesn't give money!

    {31814}{31901}Wake up! We are not one|charity company!

    {31906}{31983}It is for that that Bigweld no|he/she sits down more in that chair.

    {31989}{32032}It is a relic!

    {32036}{32131}I don't want more to hear|"please, Bigweld... "

    {32194}{32288}We can say next month,|in the party of Bigweld!

    {32364}{32495}Now we will suck all the|the common robots' cents.

    {32528}{32583}What do the more robots want?

    {32755}{32848}Improvements, personal!|It is like this that we will make money.

    {32852}{32976}We were always telling the robots that not|he/she matters of what are done.

    {32982}{33134}Like this they won't feel rusty|and they won't buy our improvements.

    {33140}{33227}Therefore I invented a new slogan.

    {33232}{33312}"Why you to be when|can you be new? "

    {33400}{33596}I found diamond, but I want|the employees' opinion.

    {33601}{33703}Very good, boss Ratchet!

    {33849}{33895}Don't look down.

    {34178}{34227}I have, he/she leaves!


    {34279}{34328}Leave! Shoo!

    {34378}{34422}Leave from me!

    {34426}{34558}- Cappy, you didn't say anything.|- He/she gave me chills.

    {34561}{34608}- Thank you.|- But...


    {34644}{34756}Why would the robots buy improvements

    {34760}{34822}if the parts are a lot|more cockroaches?

    {34826}{35009}It is easy. Starting from today not|we will manufacture more parts!

    {35013}{35086}He/she knows what call robots that|cannot they buy improvements?

    {35091}{35216}Junk-dealer! You see them in the streets,|full of rust,

    {35220}{35326}Them nor they are scrubbed!

    {35330}{35402}Cappy, want his/her department|working in the new slogan.

    {35407}{35478}I will transfer her/it for one|room beside mine.

    {35482}{35598}We will work juntinhos in that.|Won't it be entertaining?

    {35602}{35636}A lot.

    {35917}{35993}- Excuse.|- The one what...?

    {35997}{36067}I am a youth inventor

    {36073}{36152}and my dream was always|to come for Robot City

    {36156}{36223}to show my ideas|for Mr. Bigweld.

    {36230}{36291}That it seems not to be here...

    {36296}{36408}But he left me in the command.

    {36413}{36485}Then let to show me the one that|that can do.

    {36490}{36530}I have a better idea.

    {36540}{36627}I will show you the one that|that can do.

    {36634}{36686}He can make that!

    {37222}{37252}How was it?

    {37328}{37415}What devils is he/she having here?

    {37419}{37535}A starchy idiot is|seating in the place of Bigweld!

    {37538}{37640}I like to sit down in the sidewalk.

    {37658}{37752}I will return.|And I will discover what is having!

    {37754}{37840}You do be devoted|to you cause lost!

    {37858}{37958}I already knew dreamer like you.|He/she sneaks out, crazy!

    {41128}{41179}Certain, hour of the rest.

    {41230}{41341}He/she ended, continue working!

    {41403}{41487}- Who comes there?|- Hi, mother!

    {41491}{41558}Hello, dear.|How is it going my boy?

    {41561}{41618}Great! I did exactly|as it ordered!

    {41621}{41725}We won't be more extra parts.|In some weeks those losers

    {41731}{41852}there of top they will turn junk-dealer.|You can control everything!

    {41856}{41904}That good boy!

    {41908}{42007}And when we end with Bigweld|nobody more it can repair them.

    {42010}{42119}Exactly! Can it explain to me again?

    {42123}{42202}Stupid! All idolize him/it!

    {42206}{42262}And if he decides to return?

    {42267}{42347}Mother, he won't cause|problem from where is.

    {42351}{42429}Of the one what does have fear he/she?|Take courage!

    {42433}{42499}Or does he/she want to finish equal to his/her father?

    {42503}{42543}Hi, son. That good to see you.

    {42550}{42652}Imagine that on the contrary|of industries Bigweld

    {42655}{42710}be Indtrias Ratchet.

    {42716}{42746}Continue speaking.

    {42750}{42910}- Ratchet City!|- It seems brilliant.

    {42914}{43019}Without Bigweld we won't have|more difficulties!

    {43023}{43120}- We are going ahead!|- That is my boy!

    {43321}{43400}Is he/she hungry? Does he/she want to eat something?|He/she is thin.

    {43403}{43467}No, mother. I need to go. Good-bye.

    {43473}{43536}- Good-bye, father.|- Even plus, son.

    {43539}{43586}Good luck with yours|malicious plans.


    {44274}{44417}To think I am|being small is because...

    {44422}{44446}I am leaving out!

    {44453}{44515}Stop there!

    {44522}{44562}You took my foot!


    {45701}{45808}- Is it happy now?|- Only when it returns me my foot, thief!

    {45811}{45842}I am not thief.

    {45846}{45942}I am just a stranger.

    {45947}{46024}I didn't see that it was his/her foot.

    {46028}{46096}- Let to help me him.|- No, he/she can leave.

    {46100}{46162}I have my pride.|Here!

    {46167}{46246}No, wait...|Wait!

    {46251}{46297}No, no...

    {46374}{46454}He/she is not fast, not|he/she has anything in the garbage.

    {46458}{46519}I have, Diesel!|I found a vocal part for you.

    {46787}{46818}He/she has other here.

    {46873}{46917}Don't render. Feel that.

    {46985}{47067}I never find parts of my size.

    {47137}{47166}What was, boy?

    {47210}{47270}To split, did you lose weight?

    {47277}{47468}Did he/she lose weight? His/her donkey, is the head|of him in a basket! We are ended.

    {47470}{47567}Shut up. He/she would give a slap|in you if he/she had hand!

    {47624}{47668}Speaking in the devil, there I come!


    {47734}{47862}Only see! Who would play out|a coffeepot so bonitinho?

    {47894}{47934}Be not afraid.

    {47938}{47996}- I have, that is mine!|- It is him!

    {48000}{48122}It was that guy! I recognize|that face and that foot.

    {48126}{48185}He is there, stupid.

    {48188}{48249}He is the thief that|he/she pulled my head.

    {48255}{48290}Does he/she want to pull another piece?

    {48293}{48428}He/she thinks can make that|with my brother, you... it is even bonitinho.

    {48434}{48494}Can Piper, behave?

    {48498}{48574}We have to repair Splitting.|Again.

    {48583}{48623}That is yours.

    {48635}{48733}To purpose, I am Piper.|I am fire!

    {48792}{48824}I see you thereabout.

    {48956}{49065}We already spoke hundreds of times:|don't "speak with strange."

    {49070}{49126}I speak to you.|Who can stranger be?

    {49332}{49402}I have good and bad news.

    {49405}{49472}- Which is the bad?|- I checked the stock

    {49475}{49556}and starting from today they don't manufacture more|parts for you.

    {49562}{49650}- You were discontinued officially.|- Done discontinue?

    {49652}{49711}That good.|And which is the good news?

    {49716}{49822}If we had their parts,|they would be for sale!

    {49970}{50069}How did that go to happen?|I am practically a boy!

    {50073}{50160}Be controlled. You only need|of an improvement.

    {50223}{50335}- The new improvements are too much.|- Has just arrived.

    {50338}{50387}They have door-glasses even.

    {50409}{50467}- Does he/she have size super big?|- Clear!

    {50471}{50552}See the new collection|Spring Bigweld.

    {50610}{50721}I cannot buy that luxury.|I only need a committee for the neck.

    {50728}{50800}Why is that|happening with me?

    {50878}{50922}I am hurting myself.|Stupid!

    {50928}{51022}Excuse, friend.|It is the improvement or undo him/it.

    {51026}{51081}Do undo? No!

    {51087}{51171}I am well.|See, without the hands.

    {51284}{51369}- I am back. Did longings feel?|- Nobody goes for it undoes him/it!

    {51374}{51456}Quite so! But as|does it think we would get in him?

    {51460}{51520}Stop with that!|Listen here.

    {51524}{51640}Find my brother's part.|We are neither garbage nor junk-dealer!

    {51643}{51694}We won't be treated like this.

    {51742}{51799}Lament, I don't have the parts.

    {51804}{51862}But he/she has screws, spray|anti-corrosive and plastic.

    {51865}{51909}I can repair him/it easily.

    {51950}{52032}"The force is powerful in that there."

    {52322}{52376}When it was the last time|what did take oil?

    {52379}{52445}I cannot answer,|my sister is here.

    {52449}{52534}- Stop with that, to Split!|- Be stopped. He/she can make tickles.

    {52552}{52619}We were not presented.|I call to Split.

    {52625}{52718}He/she called me Bumper, but I had|that to change when I came for here.

    {52722}{52791}- My name is Rodney Copperbottom.|- Tell me...

    {52800}{52915}- Why was in the garbage?|- Well, today I tried to see Bigweld...

    {52924}{53034}To meet him, say that we needed|a lot that he returns.

    {53038}{53126}- He worried about robots like us.|- I heard to say that he got tired

    {53130}{53173}and he/she abandoned us for|we fall to the pieces.

    {53177}{53223}Well, I think it is ready.

    {53227}{53327}Only see! He repaired my neck!

    {53338}{53389}- Sweeping!|- Sweeping?


    {53635}{53714}- Which is the problem?|- If you are an obsolete model,

    {53718}{53760}- as Splitting...|- I have!

    {53764}{53828}They sweep you and you|they take for it undoes him/it.

    {53832}{53943}There they melt you and they transform you|in another thing.

    {53949}{53991}He/she wants to say...

    {54086}{54167}He/she has an obsolete model|that you won't diffuse!

    {54358}{54388}To split, run!

    {54586}{54779}When the robots are in a rut,|there is no best place than the Tia N墂egas.

    {54802}{54905}I will inform that we are here.|Aunt Buttocks!

    {54922}{54992}- We brought somebody.|- I am at the kitchen.

    {54997}{55062}- is he/she sure that his/her aunt doesn't care?|- Relax, she is not my aunt.

    {55067}{55137}She welcomes robots that|they are... hard.

    {55141}{55217}- Blessed it is.|- And why do call her/it of Tia N墂egas?

    {55223}{55265}Because we are not able to|to call her/it of Tia Bunda!

    {55378}{55443}She has the behind one|little big.

    {55447}{55523}Until there everything well, but|when she is with gases...

    {55556}{55708}Forgive me, I am so clumsy...|Hello, who are you, my youth?

    {55719}{55799}I am Rodney Bund緌...|No! Rodney Copperbottom!


    {55841}{55928}That wonderful name.

    {56026}{56097}- The one with his/her friend what was there?|- He was flipped.

    {56158}{56203}There it is!

    {56225}{56291}Aunt Buttocks, he needs|of a place to be.

    {56295}{56359}Feel home.

    {56363}{56454}- Thank you, it is his/her a lot of kindness.|- The pleasure is mine.

    {56457}{56505}Which is his/her need?

    {56509}{56552}I have, he/she spoke equal to Bigweld.

    {56557}{56628}That is that he/she is robot...

    {56706}{56798}It can be at my room.|Don't call the gossips.

    {56953}{56988}He/she forgot a place.

    {57006}{57061}To split, leave my room!

    {57068}{57162}I am out. I am inside.|I am out.

    {57170}{57220}Leave my room!

    {57302}{57379}Face, is the third time that I go|to the bathroom. He/she has something wrong with me.


    {57476}{57593}Here we are. Home sweet home.|What is mine is yours.

    {57619}{57658}- It pulls life...|- I diffuse.

    {57662}{57722}Another arm wrestling.

    {57806}{57871}Can it separate them? Wait,|my backs are scratching.

    {58504}{58593}I know that it seemed a fart,|but I did with the hand under the arm.

    {58655}{58729}Does he/she know how to do? It is difficult, since|we are of metal.

    {58734}{58803}But it is there that he/she enters the ability.|I am almost there. Listen.

    {58871}{58892}No, wait...

    {58925}{58996}That seemed of old.

    {59044}{59087}I am a little tired.

    {59091}{59162}- Tomorrow we talked.|- Did he/she have a difficult day, it was not?

    {59170}{59364}My father should be waiting for mine|connection to count that success I did.

    {59368}{59489}I know that it is not his/her problem. If you|he/she annoys their friends ends without them.

    {59493}{59611}Are you a cookie of the luck?|The friends are for that...

    {59621}{59700}- Do you consider me as friend?|- Clear. Or else what would the one be?

    {59704}{59838}A shame, a desperate one...|the list is long.

    {59839}{59958}- We will be with the friend.|- Same tends a difficult day, remember...

    {59961}{60010}Tomorrow it will be same!

    {60018}{60077}My last room friend|did he/she jump of that window, did he/she know?

    {60086}{60150}Do I have, to Split?

    {60216}{60271}It is that there, expensive!

    {60391}{60467}Are you 3 years old?|A man does like this...

    {60483}{60540}You are disgusting!

    {60543}{60606}Besides, it is like this that it is done...

    {60638}{60701}Children, only listen...

    {60833}{60940}Aunt Buttocks, we were|doing with the armpits!

    {60943}{61057}- Excuse...|- Mrs., please...

    {61067}{61119}I need a doctor.

    {61428}{61573}That will wake up you.|Hot oil of the Tia N墂egas.

    {61598}{61649}Care, is hot!

    {61832}{61875}What will you make today?

    {61907}{61945}- We are already doing.|- And as for you?

    {61951}{62011}Bigweld disappeared and|you are there seating.

    {62015}{62061}I think you already know about that.

    {62064}{62110}I need to discover him/it|that it happened with him.

    {62114}{62153}- Does he/she want a piece of advice?|- Clear.

    {62157}{62193}Forget that.

    {62197}{62279}My slogan is been you never|to try, it will never fail."

    {62283}{62366}Crank, the idol of all disappeared|and nobody seems if it matters.

    {62370}{62424}He/she should have a crowd|infuriated outside.

    {62428}{62465}But the one what...?

    {62561}{62680}Diamond, my friend!|Now say should rain money."

    {62710}{62757}Say! Say...

    {62806}{62860}Lament, personal. Everything is out of print.

    {62864}{62926}I will only receive improvements of here for front.

    {62930}{62988}But I like me of the way that I am.

    {62993}{63042}We cannot buy improvements!

    {63046}{63136}Do I have, what is making? Don't play me!

    {63172}{63256}I have, he/she is that boy that repaired Splitting. He repairs robots!

    {63273}{63370}- It is, he can help them. - You will be famous.

    {63413}{63501}Only the ones that have warranty. He/she leaves for there... all come!

    {63525}{63600}I need parts.

    {63604}{63678}You don't seem so... bad.

    {63683}{63757}I have, personal! Extra parts!

    {63765}{63802}Wait there!

    {63806}{63907}- The one what is with you there? - They owed if it feels embarrassed!

    {63911}{63956}Why is with two noses?

    {63959}{64016}One breathes and the other sneezes.

    {64041}{64055}It was badly.

    {64067}{64106}Could he/she take a look in my arm?

    {64111}{64185}- Beautiful handshake.

    {64189}{64274}- He/she wanted to get rid of that tire. - I am losing the head!


    {64330}{64386}He also has dreams that won't take place.

    {64421}{64478}"Why you to be same? "

    {64523}{64591}"Discover the need and put an end to her! "


    {64668}{64714}Who wants to be repaired?

    {65776}{65835}Thank you, Rodney. You are too much.

    {66338}{66394}Rodney! Rodney!

    {66433}{66479}Rodney! Rodney!

    {66626}{66703}I felt never so relaxed.

    {66712}{66799}Could he/she scrub among my shoulder pads?

    {66861}{66934}He/she is too strong. He/she calms there!

    {66957}{66998}Does he/she want to kill me?

    {67006}{67076}Relax, he/she is his/her mother.

    {67080}{67229}- As it arrived here? - For the ventilation, I know that it doesn't like them|to see me.

    {67233}{67305}- The one what you want? - Somebody is repairing them.

    {67308}{67382}- The one what? - Somebody is repairing obsolete models!

    {67385}{67448}- They are laughing at you! - Who?

    {67453}{67506}Is he/she sure that you/they are not "laughing with me?"

    {67512}{67543}I have.

    {67561}{67661}Is it then if a fanatic nut is repairing obsolete? Who does care he/she?

    {67664}{67818}Use the brain that I stole for you. Today it is just a, but and is fashion|seen?

    {67823}{67916}We can repair ourselves, we didn't need improvements! "

    {67920}{68002}We "want Bigweld." He/she knows what will happen with you!

    {68027}{68136}Certain, have calm. We have to discover who is and to stop him/it.

    {68140}{68219}Just not to stop him/it. To squeeze him/it! To destroy him/it!

    {68228}{68328}To purpose, he/she brought a decoration for his/her table.

    {68517}{68568}Does he/she have more anybody waiting?

    {68587}{68617}Let to see me.


    {68687}{68756}- Some? - For what did the one wait, Rodney?

    {68760}{68841}Bigweld disappeared, the sweepers are to the free,

    {68844}{68899}but there he/she appears Copperbottom!

    {68903}{69019}- I am hysterical only of thinking in that! - I am not Bigweld.

    {69024}{69092}- Those robots need parts. - Mail!

    {69096}{69155}Mail for Copperbottom.

    {69158}{69202}It belongs to his/her mother.

    {69206}{69287}- Does he/she have something for me? - He/she has yes.

    {69333}{69373}It belongs to my sister!

    {69376}{69418}I recognized the letter.

    {69422}{69458}Something wrong?

    {69462}{69556}He/she says that his/her father is on the verge of turning junk-dealer.

    {69560}{69605}If they don't arrange parts for him,

    {69608}{69652}he/she will only live more some miles.

    {69659}{69778}Is Rodney, very concerned with his/her father? Does he/she want to go home?

    {69781}{69838}Same if I go cannot help him/it.

    {69841}{69962}He needs parts and only Bigweld can solve that.

    {70049}{70107}He wants to say something. What was, boy?

    {70142}{70207}Bigweld... it goes...

    {70212}{70243}to dance!

    {70247}{70327}Clear! The dance of Bigweld!

    {70331}{70414}It cannot have dance without Bigweld!

    {70418}{70484}Then it is that! I will go to the dance.

    {70489}{70578}It is the chic party of the year. Nor it will go by the gate.

    {70854}{70927}- Can I help them? - I have faith that yes.

    {70931}{71018}That is Condorodorik Von Grokenzipper!

    {71023}{71073}Knowner like Conde Del Crock.

    {71076}{71126}Where are the trumpets?

    {71136}{71205}They were promised trumpets to announce the count's arrival.

    {71215}{71279}Excuse, his/her grace. I can beat myself until being happy.

    {71291}{71368}He is happy and I don't feel bad also.

    {71422}{71477}- You are not in the list? - As it is that it is?


    {71533}{71573}Thank you.

    {71576}{71689}We leave. Explain to their superiors the reason

    {71690}{71806}why we could not participate in his/her lual, party, be there what goes.

    {71811}{71913}- We are going! - Not! Wait!

    {71917}{71965}They can enter. Actually,

    {71970}{72012}would the count like to beat me?

    {72018}{72101}That arrogance!

    {72104}{72162}I will beat you on behalf of him.

    {72181}{72222}Thank you, his/her grace.

    {72292}{72324}Certain, we will separate.

    {72328}{72384}To meet Bigweld, call me.

    {72414}{72478}If something gives wrong, we have to use a sign.

    {72482}{72622}What sign type? Something subtle type "has to go" or...

    {72662}{72695}What such that?

    {72916}{72979}We are going to the work.

    {73003}{73085}- Beating, no moved. - Yes, gentleman.

    {73580}{73622}I want what he took!

    {73631}{73739}I like that sees me like this, Cappy. Far away from the work.

    {73743}{73822}He/she can see my side more informal, more loving.

    {73925}{73969}Where were we?

    {73979}{74066}I was never interested in men in those parties.

    {74071}{74161}Good night, young ladies. Conde Von to Split at your disposal.

    {74165}{74366}I am Loretta. You seem to be an eccentric millionaire.

    {74418}{74577}Ladies and gentlemen, receive his/her boss,

    {74582}{74665}- Mr. Ratchet! - Thank you.

    {74671}{74830}That is the hour in that I have the honor of presenting to you

    {74834}{74905}ours adored Bigweld,

    {74909}{74988}that unhappily could not attend.


    {75041}{75146}He ordered their excuses, his/her affection and that sack of cookies.

    {75150}{75230}- Doesn't he come? - The one what are you making here?

    {75234}{75279}What did you make with Bigweld?

    {75328}{75387}Why don't see him/it more?

    {75391}{75495}- Safety, we have a gatecrasher. - It is quite so!

    {75500}{75576}I had to put that garbage hill to enter here

    {75583}{75702}and to say for Bigweld that you are putting an end to millions of robots

    {75706}{75780}that the day I passed repairing!


    {76332}{76406}The voice of the duty calls me!

    {76410}{76445}I need to leave!

    {76503}{76641}Take him/it for a walk and they swallow him/it of turn as clips!

    {76682}{76733}- Not! - Not?

    {76736}{76790}I take him/it outside.

    {76816}{76874}Doesn't he/she want to seem bad for the people, right?

    {76883}{76984}- Well thought. - When I return, I will show my informal side.

    {77028}{77089}- We are going walking! - The one what is making?

    {77093}{77136}Saving his/her life.

    {77142}{77172}Let us go!

    {77176}{77286}- Let to go him! Please, let to go him! - Leave of here, his/her idiot!

    {77291}{77310}Diffuse them!

    {77312}{77345}We will Split!

    {77352}{77411}To split, wait for me!


    {77485}{77535}Leave front!

    {77575}{77633}Tim, I would like to see Mr. Bigweld!

    {77637}{77666}Be not able to!

    {77783}{77844}It was incredible! Where we do go now?

    {77855}{77902}I will take you for the train station.

    {77906}{77954}Of way none!

    {77955}{78050}He/she doesn't know with what is working. Ratchet will kill you.

    {78053}{78127}I won't leave before finding Bigweld.

    {78131}{78174}Can you take me until him?

    {78232}{78280}I must have been crazy.

    {78560}{78611}Good-bye, my wanted.

    {78632}{78676}Thank you for bringing me home.

    {78679}{78757}- It is just more a care the. - Until tomorrow?

    {78761}{78813}I will count the seconds.

    {78817}{78862}4 up to now!

    {78887}{78945}His/her maluquinho.

    {78948}{79004}Maluquinho for you.

    {79305}{79401}I am singing in the oil"

    {79404}{79489}I am singing in the oil"

    {79493}{79664}"After so much work, I am slipping in the oil"

    {79668}{79746}I "know what have to do"

    {79750}{79835}"To satisfy" you

    {79839}{79980}My life changed! From now on, I am a winner!

    {80012}{80082}Now that I feel alive you cannot make that!

    {80095}{80142}I help...

    {80357}{80405}Certain, we tried. We leave.

    {80409}{80502}No, he/she has something strange. All see those newspapers and correspondences.

    {80506}{80578}They must already have stopped giving does time.


    {80657}{80692}Last edition.

    {80721}{80775}- You something spoke? - His/her beautiful picture.

    {80779}{80854}Evil "robot invades dance" - we Go, we have to remove you of here.

    {81095}{81182}That it carries frightening. Perfect.

    {81825}{81861}See that place!

    {81865}{81971}It is the studio of Bigweld! I recognized of the tv program.

    {81976}{82043}Speak quietly, we should not be here.

    {82128}{82224}What does the one know that? The original drawings of the inventions of|Bigweld!

    {82227}{82265}He drew!

    {82269}{82358}That strange. Why would he stop in the middle?

    {82362}{82453}Look! Does he/she remember that?

    {82456}{82521}He/she appeared in the program.

    {82525}{82625}- Rodney, don't know how I can speak, but... - Why are so covered in dust?

    {82637}{82674}Wait! No...

    {83350}{83418}It is much more complex than the ones that appeared in the program.

    {84304}{84433}- What will Rodney, make? - I don't know, that is innovation for me!

    {84633}{84663}It is him!

    {84891}{84966}- Who is the king of the beach? - Are you well?

    {84970}{85078}Considering that I am an old one fat that has just fallen in the ground,

    {85082}{85143}I am fantastic. Now, who devils are you?

    {85147}{85183}I am Rodney.

    {85187}{85258}I thought it was the deliverer of dominoes.

    {85262}{85337}We will arrange again! That time will be larger.

    {85342}{85416}Mister, is it in that what has been working?

    {85420}{85466}Is it for that what is disappeared?

    {85506}{85580}Boy, nobody likes of talkative.

    {85584}{85673}But a terrible crisis is happening. We needed to talk.

    {85718}{85822}Filho, you are causing a first terrible impression.

    {85826}{85925}Mister, he is his/her largest fan. Actually, he is an inventor.

    {85929}{85986}As well as you. Show what you did.

    {85990}{86060}A device?

    {86096}{86176}Don't get scared. Show to Mr. Bigweld that can do.

    {86212}{86251}It can go, it is everything well.

    {86355}{86413}Is it that what he does?

    {86477}{86588}- He is nervous under pressure, but... - Filho, I will feel a piece of advice.

    {86592}{86636}- Yes... - Give up.

    {86647}{86745}Is he/she telling me to abandon everything? - I said "gives up."

    {86754}{86802}But to "abandon" also serves.

    {86816}{86920}Is it that what you did? Therefore it is here while Ratchet

    {86927}{86989}does he/she transform robots as my father in obsolete?

    {86993}{87066}Sometimes you have to know that doesn't work more.

    {87070}{87136}But you are Bigweld! It can repair any thing!

    {87139}{87193}I thought so.

    {87197}{87276}To have a company for me meant to improve the life of all.

    {87280}{87362}But Ratchet made money and that was more important.

    {87367}{87457}I was old-fashioned. I became obsolete.

    {87463}{87574}Go to house, son. If he won me, you will expire.

    {87577}{87634}Who you sought doesn't exist more!

    {87638}{87706}Find another foolish dream!

    {87710}{87844}Now if they give me license, I am a lot... busy.

    {87879}{87915}I am seeing.

    {87988}{88050}Everything that I wanted was to be like him.

    {88367}{88443}Help! Open that!

    {88452}{88533}Close! He/she can close!

    {88796}{88828}How many parts only see!

    {88833}{88939}So many things that I always wanted...

    {88943}{88998}That is too much!

    {89421}{89528}- For here, mother. - It lets me to look! I don't tolerate!

    {89534}{89635}- He/she cannot look, it is surprised. - You are an evil boy.


    {89694}{89753}"Crazy mom" - it is with the full tank!

    {89758}{89810}It is ready when he/she wants.

    {89814}{89902}You are the best son that a mother can have.

    {89906}{89963}I also discovered who was repairing the robots.

    {89967}{90122}That belezinha will slice all of the obsolete models that to find.

    {90125}{90169}I am only made sick of looking.

    {90184}{90237}What is that?

    {91002}{91048}That is not right!


    {91312}{91384}Rivet Town, please.

    {91506}{91580}Hi, mother. I am well.

    {91584}{91671}- And you and the dad? - He is well here.

    {91676}{91705}I will pass for him.

    {91709}{91788}Hello, amig緌! How does it go?

    {91792}{91839}Hi, father. How are you?

    {91847}{91912}I am well. Me...

    {91945}{91987}I only caught some rain.

    {92004}{92124}We are only with difficulties of finding some parts.

    {92127}{92178}But we will speak about you.

    {92181}{92258}What is making he/she? Did he/she find with Bigweld?

    {92262}{92300}I found yes.

    {92304}{92380}- But... - What was the one, son?

    {92385}{92474}It was not how we waited, father.

    {92479}{92572}It is not... I am not able to...

    {92576}{92603}I understand.

    {92616}{92688}- Excuse to be disappointed. - Anything of that.

    {92691}{92757}You would never be disappointed, Rodney.

    {92824}{92885}Listen, I know that it is not easy.

    {92889}{92955}But to give up a dream

    {92960}{93037}it can worry for the rest of the life.

    {93087}{93159}- Yes, father. - It is with you, son.

    {93280}{93348}- His/her father loves you a lot. - I know.

    {93354}{93505}If he/she wants to speak with his/her family and friends he/she will have 500|minutes free.

    {93511}{93599}Rodney, wait!

    {93629}{93708}- His/her suitcase. - Thank you, but me no...

    {93684}{93778}Their friends wanted to come to dismiss also.

    {93782}{93818}Why didn't come?

    {93822}{93883}They came.

    {93948}{93998}Of next time we will split a taxi.

    {94052}{94103}Who is she?

    {94107}{94164}I had a body like this.

    {94190}{94249}A passage for any place!

    {94259}{94293}To split?

    {94297}{94334}I have a sister!

    {94354}{94405}A sister very it finds strange.

    {94413}{94483}I saw the sweepers!

    {94484}{94572}They are there below and they will come to stick to!

    {94575}{94671}And who do guess is behind everything?

    {94675}{94722}- Ratchet. - Don't they want to try to guess?

    {94726}{94805}- We go there, they can try. - Ratchet!

    {94808}{94921}Ratchet. We won't last one week.

    {94925}{95014}Certain, I have a plan. All will catch the train!

    {95047}{95104}Wait for a little. Are all giving up?

    {95108}{95167}- It was you that began. - And I will finish.

    {95170}{95243}My mistake was to think Bigweld would struggle for us.

    {95247}{95366}But the responsibility is ours! If we don't stop Ratchet, nobody will stop.

    {95369}{95417}We will hit back!

    {95420}{95520}- To struggle doesn't solve the things. - To give up also not!

    {95523}{95578}- Me that he/she says him/it. - He/she is the boss.

    {95600}{95654}As it beats my heart.

    {95657}{95733}If you will struggle, I am going with you.

    {95736}{95845}- Does it go even? - Who is that charming lady?

    {95855}{95888}- Why? - I know there...

    {95893}{95952}Because I am man, woman's taste...

    {95956}{95993}No. Why will help us?

    {95997}{96104}Why I want to be same to you.

    {96211}{96245}Then we go there.

    {96251}{96354}We will give to Ratchet a repair to the old fashion!

    {96422}{96465}That man!

    {96512}{96562}Somebody calls a crane.

    {96745}{96840}Mother, I am already adult! Stop telling me how to kill Bigweld.

    {96843}{96951}I will do in the day that wants and as he/she wants.

    {97075}{97150}I want you two in my room in 10 minutes.

    {97155}{97210}Should Mr. Bigweld, also go?

    {97213}{97321}No, be here and watch the dad's limousine.

    {97324}{97402}- Yes, gentleman. - I am going there inside to kick some behind.

    {97405}{97462}His/her boyfriend is a genius.

    {97473}{97525}- He is not... is it? - Am I?

    {97585}{97640}Thank you for still to believe in me.

    {97645}{97696}It is good to be home.

    {97962}{98040}He makes to feel as if everyday they went a party...

    {98041}{98114}Say Ratchet that he has company.

    {98120}{98154}Yes, gentleman!

    {98544}{98570}Mr. Bigweld!

    {98605}{98696}Say that I am not here! Don't let to enter him!


    {98793}{98861}- I go direct to the subject. - The one what was there? Did they finish the|dominoes?

    {98865}{98905}- I order more! - It is dismissed!

    {98910}{99012}But the company never gave so much profit!

    {99016}{99108}- He/she can leave! - No, listen to me please!

    {99114}{99182}He/she cannot make that with me, that job is my life!

    {99186}{99275}Everything is for me. He/she doesn't know what did to arrive here.

    {99279}{99361}The lies that I counted, the lives that I ruined...

    {99364}{99395}That is not helping each other me.

    {99399}{99439}Call the safety.

    {99443}{99540}Wait! Can I make a last appeal?

    {99543}{99585}What does certain, mean?


    {99643}{99705}Mine ours, I am as crazy as my mother!

    {99950}{100043}Light the fat for it undoes him/it and put my name in his/her vacancy.

    {100049}{100090}Loosen him/it!

    {100116}{100170}Face, boy. He/she ended.

    {100174}{100287}You lost. Bigweld will be melted to turn an improvement.

    {100291}{100387}With you, his/her stupid coffeepot and Cappy.

    {100418}{100450}That waste.

    {101348}{101466}- Mr. Bigweld, are you well? - I am the most beautiful girl of the dance.

    {101473}{101518}I will consider as a "no!"

    {101861}{101895}Leave the road!


    {102373}{102411}You only pay capuchin monkey!

    {102455}{102510}It is Rodney. It seems that it is in trouble!

    {102514}{102612}- I have to repair him/it. - Certain, I protect you!

    {102772}{102817}We have to help Rodney.

    {102884}{102950}- You are here. - Anything of that!

    {102957}{103064}We will face a great battle. He/she doesn't matter what will happen with us.

    {103068}{103105}Live his/her life.

    {103112}{103170}You are the only thing that I have!

    {103198}{103293}Piper, they are going to a great battle.

    {104115}{104137}I got!

    {104141}{104189}What is Rodney, happening?

    {104193}{104247}- Where are we? - It is everything well.

    {104772}{104865}Certain, boys! They are well where wanted. Get up.

    {104904}{104936}He/she looks at the hands there below.

    {104998}{105047}Rodney, came to survive!

    {105252}{105291}How are we doing?

    {105525}{105610}The socket. Hold strong, I need to arrive to the other side.

    {106399}{106427}We will leave of here.

    {106950}{107025}- It is it undoes. - It is that. Game end.

    {107029}{107074}He/she still didn't finish.

    {107078}{107133}It is our chance of shining.

    {107136}{107207}It is when we showed of what are done.

    {107270}{107362}In my case, it is a metal called rare "medum." It is yellow,

    {107365}{107417}he/she has chicken taste...

    {107449}{107490}He/she didn't know that could make that.

    {107494}{107569}Rodney is right. I am tired

    {107573}{107671}of complaining and never to do anything.

    {107677}{107756}Me... I want to try.

    {107760}{107853}Forget, I feel a lot... No, me...

    {107857}{107901}I want to try!

    {107908}{107950}Then you are the first.

    {108019}{108043}First so that?

    {108047}{108126}Do they want us to make improvements? Then we will make them.

    {108290}{108386}Gasket, you are an evil and unhealthy robot.

    {108393}{108417}I try.

    {109229}{109308}That good! Company!

    {109311}{109436}You are the busybody that it has been causing so many problems.

    {109440}{109490}But who are those losers?

    {109494}{109538}- Mister, us... - I am woman!

    {109586}{109666}We came to rescue our friend, sack of screws of the evil!

    {109669}{109816}And you will be defeated in their own domains.

    {109820}{109919}Yes, because they are 7 against only 1.

    {110030}{110141}- We are 7 against ...8, 9... - Did it count that there?

    {110151}{110197}I think so. Can they be quiet?

    {110204}{110282}I lost the bill, I will have to count again!

    {110286}{110364}While it is counting, include that!

    {110507}{110599}As soon as I end with you, they will invade the streets.

    {110602}{110717}That will be his/her last day!

    {110961}{111000}Did I lose the commemoration?


    {111062}{111101}Actually, it arrived early.

    {111253}{111332}Rodney! Rodney!

    {111335}{111376}Then we will begin!

    {111385}{111434}He/she ordered well, sister!

    {111438}{111478}To attack!

    {112106}{112153}Oh, not! He went diffuse!

    {112180}{112281}Only see that devastating blow!

    {112307}{112347}He climbs until the top...

    {112354}{112396}and it puts an end to all!

    {113383}{113442}Say hi for my "amigona."

    {115539}{115597}That will be disgusting!

    {115703}{115777}- Is he/she thinking about the one what am thinking? - With certainty!

    {116158}{116274}- He/she discovers a need and put an end to her! - I was not thinking about|that.

    {116612}{116675}What are you making? Release me!

    {116728}{116797}Come unfastened! Obey!

    {117062}{117096}My improvements!

    {117687}{117799}Everything well, son. You can shine, it doesn't matter of what is...


    {117854}{117967}Come, Rodney. We will open the gates of the industry for all!

    {117971}{118040}First I need to do a thing.

    {118174}{118220}- Herb! - The one what is making, done want?

    {118222}{118282}- It is Rodney, dear! - Is he well?

    {118284}{118382}- Come outside. - Copperbottom, where what does think goes?

    {118387}{118427}And the plates?

    {118519}{118547}I have, return here!

    {118556}{118605}He/she will never again wash anything in that city!

    {118707}{118770}What is that? The whole city is here.

    {118804}{118846}- Rodney? - Father!

    {118853}{118905}I want him to know somebody.

    {118910}{118970}- That is... - Bigweld, father.

    {118974}{119025}The largest robot of the world.

    {119029}{119138}- Besides you. - I know that he/she needs some parts.

    {119142}{119201}I am not of complaining, but...

    {119205}{119283}He/she has enough to set up two of you.

    {119313}{119390}Ladies and gentlemen...

    {119394}{119482}I came here...

    {119487}{119575}- Stop with that, he/she is becoming distracted. - Excuse.

    {119582}{119620}Where was I?

    {119624}{119723}Mr. and Mrs. Copperbottom, I came here

    {119727}{119811}to tell them personally that his/her son Rodney,

    {119814}{119907}the responsible for removing me of my confinement,

    {119911}{120039}he/she is my new right robot and my future successor.


    {120376}{120503}Father, I know that always if he/she felt bad for not could give me a lot of|thing,

    {120507}{120582}but you gave me the most important thing.

    {120586}{120629}You believed in me.

    {120633}{120697}Since the moment in that he/she was born.

    {120736}{120796}Now I want that his/her dream if it accomplishes.

    {120848}{120901}You always wanted to be musician.

    {120905}{120937}Now be one!

    {120950}{120986}For all they listen.

    {121274}{121313}It is that there, Herb!

    {121365}{121434}Now I am sure that I have a heart.

    {121467}{121554}Forgive me, but I am a little rusty.

    {121938}{121974}There he/she is leaving our happy end.

    {121981}{122058}No, it is a jazz mixture and funk.

    {122067}{122100}He/she calls himself "junk."

    {122468}{122523}I love you, dear!

    {124575}{124630}- To split! - My dear Loretta!

    {124663}{124706}Oops! Excuse!

    {124806}{124917}I am in the list of the party! Who doesn't know he/she I am?


    {125042}{125142}>> Napisy pobrane z <<|>>>>>>>> nowa wizja napis闚 <<<<<<<<

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