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功 效:1.預防膠原纖維及彈性纖維退化,增加膠原蛋白的產生及改善肌膚。



4.促進VIT C及VITE的吸收、抗氧化功能。

用 法:洗臉後,將本產品敷貼於整臉,約20分鐘後取下(精華液讓他自然吸收,不需擦拭掉),再以化妝水擦拭即可。【一週持續2次效果最佳】。

保 存 期 限:三年。

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    1.Prevent gum from the fiber and flexible fiber to deteriorate at first,increase the creation and the improvement skin of the collagen.

    2.Maintain the skin flexibility and tension,avoid the skin descending to hang and crease.

    3.Protects the injury that the skin is free from the ultraviolet ray,and have the fair function.

    4.Promote the VIT C and VITE of the absorption,anti- oxidizes the function.

    Use the method:After washing face,spread this product to post in the whole face,about 20 dismantle(the essence liquid lets he natural absorption,don't need to sponge out) after minutes,wipe by making up the water again then.【Keep on for a week 2 times result is the best 】.

    Protect to save to expect the limit:Three years.

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    The effect of Isao: 1. Former fiber and the elastomer fiber of rubber are prevented from degenerating, and the number of the muscle of the generation of former albumen of rubber and the improvement and skins is increased.

    2.It reaches and it escapes the maintenance of elasticity and the tension of the

    muscle and the skin, and hanging down of the skin to the wrinkle.

    3.The muscle and the skin are protected, ultraviolet rays damages, it escapes, and it

    has the action of beautification and whitening.

    4.The absorption of VIT C and VITE promotes the oxidation to the resisted function. The law used: It pastes to straightening the face applying this product after the face is washed, it takes later about 20 minutes (As for essence, the liquid is made it to absorb by nature, and drops to him though need not wipe), and, in addition, make-up water is wiped. 【It is the best that one turn continues the effect of two times 】Preservation period time limit: Three years.

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