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    2 decades ago
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    第一封:In scorching summer , walk on the street slowly of cool breeze and let me remember all sorts of remembrance with you, on business to pass for one week , does not know these days whether you have missed me like I have missed you, let me remember the situation known with you originally at this moment , the same summer the same afternoon, each direction that lead to full of more unknown as much-anticipated being pleasant surprise that you can prepare for our institute often among street that interlock, public affair is it let me have mood and time mention pen is it write these letter care your recent developments to come very much to come to an end for the moment this afternoon, is it express with you next time expectation that meet and is it let we can emotion lower the temperature because the distance is differentiated temporarily to like to regard this as, let you think have pieces of different boyfriend of field is it fall in love disparity of having with what you expect to have, so will let you have a warm feeling even at your side , will transmit this compliment with the letter first , but I let this miss stay to a kind of miss of yours at your side for the letter, I went back to expect that there will be happy meeting then right away in a couple of days.   第二封:Dear friend: I have entered university! Having gone to the University of Science and Technology of foundation of Changhua, the University of Science and Technology! Hey hey hey! This is the thing that you can not do , but this is that I have come in diligently for a long time , enjoying it in university students' feeling now, but but not have that kind of the ordinary university easily, because school force to make first the first two heavy one discipline, but I have made many good friends , follow what the friend played and made a noise everywhere, oh yes, you tell your recent thing too! And everybody have time afterwards, everybody is it turn on pieces of classmate assemble one is it have a chat about thing of you to gather to come together too.  

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  • 2 decades ago


    這位就讀 University of Science and Technology of foundation of Changhua 的朋友...


    Chienkuo Technology University


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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago


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