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=urgent=貿易英文 (20 points)


"關於5/9這批貨, 我們訂ㄉ60pcs #M10 沒有在這shipment, 所以我們希望你們看看有無庫存可以先出給我們, 因為我們這邊沒有庫存了!!

如果你們沒有庫存,可否先暫時不要出櫃, 等有#M10時候在一起出貨, 因為這ㄍitem跟#M20 是一組的,所以如果我們沒有#M10也沒有辦法賣.

另外, 如果貨櫃裝滿了, 可否先把一些#F10 拿出來下次出, 因為我們真的急需 #M10, 這邊希望你可以諒解,不變之處請多包含!! TKS"


步是,是之前就定了,不過在開ㄌL/C 要出貨了,老闆才發現訂單少ㄌ一ㄍitem

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    看來您5/9的訂單中忘了訂#M10,後來又加訂的,是嗎?如果是,以下希望有用:Regarding to 5/9 shipment, it does not include 60 pcs #M10 we ordered. Please advise if you have #M10 readily availble to ship to us with this shipment right away, as we run out of stock.If you do not have #M10 readily availble, please hold the shipment until it is availble, because we are selling this item with #M20. We need to wait when we have them both.If the container is fully loaded, please hold #F10 to next shipment and load #M10 instead. We are sorry for inconvenience caused. However, we really need your help as we urgently need item #M10.Thank you for your understanding!

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    是啊,"老闆才發現訂單少ㄌ一ㄍitem", 這樣不就是忘了訂了嗎?

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    Regarding the shipment date May 9, 2005, it does not include 60 pcs of M10 we ordered. Please advise if you have M10 in stock that can ship to us with this shipment right away, as we run out of stock. We do need this item urgently.

    If you do not have any M10 available, please hold the shipment until M10 is available. As this item is team up with M20, therefore we can’t sell them separate.

    If the container is fully loaded, can you please hold back F10 to the next shipment and load item M10 instead? We are sorry for any inconvenience that caused. However, your help and understand are great appreciated. Thank you.

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    Regarding the order that we made (60 pieces of #M10) on 5/9, it was not in this shipment. Therefore, it would be a great help if you could spare us any available goods that you have, as we have already run out of stock.

    If there are no stocks available, It would be a great help if you ship them together with #M10, as this item belongs to the same group as #M20. We are not able to sell them to the public if any of the items are missing from the group.

    Lastly, if the container is full, please hold #F10 to the next shipment as we need #M10 urgently. Sorry for the inconvient caused. Thank you.

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    Kindly make us the spare or any available firstly as our order of #M10 at q'ty 60pcs not come with yr promised 5/ 9 shipment that make us zero stock.

    As if you either have #M10 on hand now, just pend on this offer until its availability. Kindly have us #M10 , #M10 item is urgently in need of matching #M20 for business. You could hold on #F10 to go with next order if really not any more space for#M10 to catch on this cntr.

    Tks for your understanding and deal with it.

    Source(s): 自己亂掰 (是對方沒有如期出貨 你幹嘛跟他道歉造成不便呢?!
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