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    1.It was the most intimate person that injured me

    2.Family's violence , is no longer matter in home

    3.Family's violence is meant and taken place on a few people.

    4.Only low income family , low education degree person , specific ethnicity or the religious belief person, family's violence will just take place.

    5.The persons who exert violence were filled with violence in his interpersonal relationships .

    6.The person who exert violence must be a loser , and it is successful to lack , lack the person with fiendish love , feature.

    7.Behavior that it is a medicine , the alcohol causes the violence .

    8.Getting married can improve the act of violence of the persons who exert violence .

    9.So long as suffer women arriving and maltreating and willing , she can leave the persons who exert violence at any time.

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    1, The ones that hurt me the mose are the ones that are closest to me.

    2, Family violence is no longer a chore.

    3, Family violence are meant to happen to only a few people.

    4, Only people with low incomes, low educations or people from a certain tribe or from a certain culture have family violence.

    5, Assailants are more violent in their social life.

    6, Assailants are losers, they have little success, lack of love and they look evil.

    7, Drugs and alcohol are the cause of violent behaviour.

    8, Marriage can improve assailants' violent behaviour.

    9, As long as the victim is willing to, she can leave the assailant any time she wants.

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