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    My favorite cartoon is " Doraemon ", though he is a cat, he is different from other cats , he can meet the props of the human desire while having a lot, but the mankind is always greedy, it is difficult to be satisfied , so is using its props to finish, too greedy people will all get the retribution .

    In the film, are all the scene in our daily life, when the best friend of Doraemon has difficulty, Doraemon can not bear to see one's own friend like this, then the friend taking out the props and helping him, let him see through difficulty, but friend groups of the inside in Doraemon, two people take out the props of Doraemon each time , made fun of other people everywhere, but got the retribution finally.

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    My favorite cartoon is "Daraemon", although he is only a cat, but he is different from other cats. He has many props which can appease human's ambition, but the human are always very grabby, and they don't know how to appease. So after they use his props, the grabby human will get the punishment. In the film, the activity all like us. When Doraemon's best friend has a big trouble, and he feels very sad and he takes his props to help his friend. But the two of Daraemon's friends, they always take the Daraemon's props to daff other people, but finally they get the ambition.

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