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各位先生、女士,大家好。今天,我要位您介紹的是SHERATON WALKER-HILL的休閒娛樂部門,其休閒娛樂部門分為Caslno、Walkerhill Show和Duty Free三各部份。首先,我先位大家介紹Caslno部分,其為全亞洲最典雅、賭博設施最齊全的地方,除此之外,它尚能提供如同拉斯維加斯般的多樣化的捕博娛樂模式,就如同PowerPoint所示一般,最重要的是它提供了24小時全年無休的服務以及免費的飲料與私人的包廂供旅客來使用。只要你想試試您的手氣,我們隨時隨地都歡迎您的大駕光臨。第二,是關於Walkerhill Show部分,Twice nightly, this inspired mix of updated folk songs and traditional dances blends into a colorful and high-powered revue.除此之外,你看秀場時,尚可以選你妳要看Wine Show、Regular Dinner Show和Supreme Dinner Show,此三種不同之處只在於其所提供的服務與價格上的不同,其服務與價格如PowerPoint所示。最後,就是Duty Free部分,我們的Duty Free所販售的物品有bags、S.L.G.、clothing、cosmeticperfume、shoes、watch、jerelry、scarf、tie和sunglass等。只要您想要購買的物品或特定品牌之物品,在我們這裡都可以找的到,如gucci、max mara、boss等。在我們這裡,你絕對可以體驗到前所未有的購物快感。所以,在此我衷心的邀請您可以來到SHERATON WALKER-HILL中,來體驗這新奇的一切吧!我的介紹到此結束,謝謝大家。

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    Good day ladies and gentlemen. Today, I’d like to introduce the entertainment department of Sheraton Walker-Hill to all of you. It is separated into three branches—the Casino, Walkerhill Show and Duty Free. First of all, I’d like to talk about the casino. It is equipped with the most elegant gambling facilities around Asia; and furthermore, it also provides various gambling entertainment, the detail is on PowerPoint, for you to enjoy as what you have in Las Vegas. The most important is that it serves you the free drinking and personal box for you need, and they are all available around the clack. Only if you like to try your luck, we welcome you here all the time. Next, I’d like to show you the Twice Nightly of Walkerhill Show. It is inspired by the mix of updated folk songs and traditional dances into a colorful and high-powered revue. Besides, you can choose the Wine Show, Regular Dinner Show and Supreme Dinner Show as well. The differences among the three shows are the service levels and the prices that are also displayed clearly on PowerPoint. Finally, come to the Duty Free where we sell the bags, S.L.G, clothing, cosmetic perfume, shoes, watch, jewelry scarf, tie, sunglasses, and so on. Anything or any kind of particular brand such as Cucci, MaxMara, Boss and etc. that you want, you can find it here. We ensure that you definitely can experience the unbelievable shopping adventure here. Here, I sincerely invite you to come to Sheraton Walker-Hill to enjoy what we have here with all my heart. Well allow me to stop now, thank you very much.

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    A gentleman, lady, everybody is good. Today, what you introduced is the recreation amusement department of SHERATON WALKER-HILL that I want one, its recreation amusement department is divided into Caslno , Walkerhill Show and Duty Free three every part. First of all, Caslno part that everybody introduce first of mine, it is the whole elegance , the most complete place of gambling facility the most of Asia, in addition, it can still offer the diversified catching the rich amusement way like Las Vegas , show generally like PowerPoint, the most important thing is that it has offered service of stopping for the whole year of 24 hours and the free beverage is for passengers to use with the private box. So long as you want to have a try of your luck, we are welcomed your paying us the compliments of accepting whenever and wherever possible . Second, it is about Walkerhill Show part, Twice nightly, this inspired mix of updated folk songs and traditional dances blends into a colorful and high-powere d revue. In addition , when you watch the beautiful field , can still select you you to see Wine Show , Regular Dinner Show and Supreme Dinner Show , this three kinds of difference only lie in service and price offered by it are different, its service and price are as PowerPoint shows. Finally, it is Duty Free part, our articles sold of Duty Free have bags, S.L.G. , clothing , cosmeticperfume , shoes , watch , jerelry , scarf , tie and sunglass ,etc.. So long as you think of the articles of articles need buying or the specific brand, the ones that can look for arrive here, for instance gucci , max mara , boss ,etc.. Here, you can experience the unprecedented shopping pleasant sensation definitely. So, you can come in my hearty invitation to experience this everything novel in SHERATON WALKER-HILL here! My introduction leaves it at that, thank you.

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