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About Language School In Swiss

Could anybody give me some suggestions about language school of English or French in Swiss ??

Thanks a lot !!


i want to go swiss because i want to study in university there.

but my english and french is too poor to study in university , so i wanna go the language school first .

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    a lot of school here offers intensive english language course here. but if u want to learn english, why come to swiss?! this is not a place for learning english.

    french, suggest u to go to france. i know there are lots places offer french classes, but only short terms . like 12 weeks or even shorter.

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    if both ur english and french are poor, i strongly stuggest u to learn one first. only one at each time. otherwise u will spend much more time to get two languages good at the same time.

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    its up 2 u. make up ur own mind,

    maybe u should ask other's opinion about learning 2 languages at the same time when neither of them are "good enough.."

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    I don't think I would be glad that my answer got selected for this given reason.

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    As what the guy said "why do you want to learn English in Swiss"?? I am not so sure if there is any English course offering but you can go to Britain. It is not far away from Swiss. Maybe just 2 hrs by aircraft. Also that depends which part of Swiss you are going as there are about 5 different places speaking 5 different language. is a question for you now....!! ^^

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