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Anonymous asked in 娛樂與音樂音樂其他:音樂 · 2 decades ago


請問~~~~有人有聽過這首歌嗎?~~~老歌====>"The world is getting smaller "



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    The World Is Getting Smaller 歌手 溫拿五虎

    The World Is Getting Smaller

    Lyrics:Cy Coben Music:Cy Coben

    Dum Deedle I Dee

    Dum Deedle Ay

    Where can you hide away?

    The world is getting smaller

    The population's grown

    Where oh where can sweethearts go

    When they wanna be alone

    Out to the park we went walking

    To a quiet spot by the bay

    We found some kids playing cowboy there

    And they wouldn't go away

    So no romance that day

    We thought that we had the answer

    A drive-in movie we planned

    But the only place we could find to park

    Was next to the Pizza stand

    And man that's a busy stand

    The world is getting smaller

    And let me ask you this

    Where oh where can sweethearts go

    When they want to steal a kiss

    To lovers land we went driving

    We parked and what did I find

    My own kid sister was in the car

    That was parked right next to mine

    And love withered on the vine

    #### CITE FROM 'so61 lyrics DB'

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    2 decades ago

    這首歌的原唱是個黑人女歌手"Mark Dinning",其實這首歌並不是太紅,她有另一首冠軍曲比較出名"Teen Angel",相信您一定有在聽老歌吧!!

    我只買CD從來不下載音樂,所以 那裡可以下載我不曉得,雖然唱片有點貴,不過我還是支持買正版的唱片.

    Source(s): 喜歡各種音樂的我
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    溫拿五虎 <The Best Of Wynners>

    The World Is Getting Smaller

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    01.SEALED WITH A KISS...以吻封緘

    02.SILENCE IS GOLDEN...沉默是金

    03.SOLDIER BOY...阿兵哥

    04.SOMEWHERE IN TIME...似曾相似

    05.SOMEWHERE MY LOVE...吾愛何處

    06.STUCK ON YOU...迷戀你

    07.THE END...結束


    09.THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SUN...太陽的另一邊

    10.THE POWER OF LOVE...愛的力量

    11.THE SOUND OF SILENCE...沉默之聲

    12.THE TAMPLE OF THE KING...王者殿堂

    13.THE WAY ME WHERE...往日情懷

    14.THE WORLD IS GETTING SMALLER...世界愈來愈小<---------

    15.TO SIR WITH LOVE...吾愛吾師


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