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今天我要向你們介紹的是 魔蛋






比如說"我愛你" 或是"生日快樂" "幸運"



由於現在大特價,現在一顆只要賣美金 1000000元就好





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    Today my wanting toward what you introducing is an evil egg

    This is a kind of miraculous open a bottle of flower easily,after drawing back the lift ring,as long as water,the flower will grow out slowly!

    There are various flower specieses can choose,among them, the evil egg is most miraculous!

    After watering,the evil bean of the right bower will grow out from the broken eggshell slowly,and the bean pod will also engrave to have the writing up

    If your girl friend,or good friend's birthday,this evil egg suits something to give presents very much

    You can choose the above writing drawing

    Say"I love you" or"happy birthday""good luck" for example

    Give your friends a surprised and pleased

    This is evil egg that will bring good luck and the wishes that carries out you

    Because of the big special price of now,now is a to sell US$1000000 only good

    If have the guest of this store vip can also possess to buy 100 send an of special discount

    Fast buy!This is very utility

    Give presents to send of good,will let your person annoy to keep rising!

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    Today I must introduce to you am evil spirit egg this am one kind of mysterious Yi K'aikuan the flowers and plants, after pulls open pulls the link, so long as waters, the flower can slowly long come out oh! Has all kinds of flowers and plants variety to be allowed to choose, most is mysterious is the evil spirit egg! After the watering, the Jake evil spirit bean can slowly from in the egg shell which bursts long come out, moreover on the bean pod also can engrave has the writing oh Above if your girlfriend, perhaps the good friend birthday, this section evil spirit egg is you which extremely suitablly gives a present may choose the writing pattern for instance to say "I love your" perhaps "Happy Birthday" "lucky" am can bring the good luck for yours friends pleasantly surprised this and realize your desire evil spirit egg Because present big special price, now so long as sells for 1 million dollar on to be good if has shop vip the visitor also may enjoy buys 100 to deliver a preferential benefit quickly to buy! This is good which unusual economical gives a present delivers, can let your human spirit go straihgt up oh!

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