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德國的「赤色城市游擊隊」(Red Army Faction)曾發動哪些恐怖攻擊?

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    Red Army Faction (RAF)赤色城市游擊隊Description 簡介The small and disciplined RAF is the successor to the Baader-Meinhof Gang, which originated in the student protest movement in the 1960s. Ideology is an obscure mix of Marxism and Maoism; committed to armed struggle. Organized into hardcore cadres that carry out terrorist attacks and a network of supporters who provide logistic and propaganda support. Has survived despite numerous arrests of top leaders over the years. Activities Bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, and robberies. Targets German Government and private sector and US interests. Among the latter, attempted assassination in Belgium of NATO Commander (1979)(一九七九年在比利時暗殺北約指揮官); bombing of NATO Air Force headquarters in Ramstein (1981)(一九八一年蘭斯丁的北約空軍總部爆炸案); rocket attack of USAREUR Commander in Heidelberg (1981)(一九八一年海丁堡以飛彈攻擊美國歐洲指揮部指揮官); and bombing of Rhein-Main Air Force Base (1985)(一九八五年雷茵緬空軍基地爆炸案). In February 1991, the RAF fired approximately 250 assault rifle rounds at the US Embassy in Bonn, and in April the group assassinated the German Trust Agency director, Detlev Karsten Rohwedder. Strength Ten to 20, plus several hundred supporters. Location/Area of Operations Germany. External Aid Basically self-sustaining, but during Baader-Meinhof period received some support from Middle Eastern terrorist groups; some ties may still exist. The RAF received logistic support, sanctuary, and training from the German Democratic Republic during the early 1980s. The RAF appears to be developing closer ties to GRAPO in Spain.

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