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加拿大中學 社團




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    In Canada, every secondary school has several sport teams.

    But one thing to remind, most of the teams are seasonal.

    In other words, you may enter the badminton team in fall, swimming team in winter, hockey team in spring, and volleyball team in summer.

    Whatever you are boys or girls, the teams are always pleased to see you.

    Moreover, people in Canada usually like doing exercise in order to be healthier(exceptions, however, are always exist).

    If you're studying in Canada or plan so, you'll be attracted soon.

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    有的,大部分的加拿大中學都會有運動類的社團, 像是籃球隊,排球隊,足球,還有加拿大最流行的冰球....等等. 女子籃球隊也是有的,但比較受歡迎的是女子足球, 還有排球, 常常都會有比賽.

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