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The already amazing athletic feats in the film are exaggerated and , at times, poeticized by Mr. Chow's extensive use of computer-generated imagery, or C.G.I. ”The C.G.I. involvement is unavoidable in modern times if you are doing action, ”Mr. Chow said.” But it should be an accessory, not the main theme of the movie.”



不要用翻譯軟體翻的 感謝了

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    原來已經很炫的運動武藝在影片裡被誇大﹐有時﹐(武藝)又被周先生以大量使用的電腦動畫﹐又叫C.G.I.給詩意了。“在現代﹐如果想要拍攝動作﹐使用電腦動畫已經無可避免﹐”周先生說。“但是它應該是個工具﹐而不能是電影的主題。”這是在談電影“功夫”吧謝謝Yin的指教﹐如果把 accessory翻成附屬品﹐如何﹖

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    accessory 應為 "點綴", 這樣才能和 "主題" 作對比

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