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    Our country national flag is which designs by father Sun Wen Mr.revolutionary martyr Mr. Lu Haotung sunny day the flag is a mainsource,Adds on red is the bottom color,But forms "the blue sky, the daytime, is everywhere red" the nationalflag. 1,928,The Northern Expedition succeeds,The nation is unified,On December 17,Sunny day everywhere the Red Flag officially passes by way of thenational government legislation,Issues for execution the national use. Present Republic of Chinaconstitution sixth also understood stipulated:"Republic of China national flag decides as &lt;Red,On left angle sunny day &gt; " . Blue sky, daytime, everywhere red national flag history,May say is a Republic of China opens the national history,It represents meaning as follows:The green represents bright is chaste, the nationality and thefreedom;The white representative confesses selfless, the civil rights and theequality;Red representative not fear sacrifice, livelihood of the people anduniversal love. Daytime 12 rays,On behalf of year 12 months,Day 12 time;Also symbolizes the national life,Along with time advance perpetuity to world;Inspires the people 與時俱進,Strives constantly for self-improvement.

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    The national flag of our country regards blue sky daytime flag which the white east gentleman in the land of the revolutionary martyr designed as the original version by father of a republic Mr. Sun Wen, in addition, whether bottom it is the red to be,it and form ' blue sky, daytime, the getting redder full ' country flag. The 17th year of the Republic of China, the Northern Expedition succeeds, the whole country is unified , December 17, blue sky daytime the red flag is it adopt to legislate via the national government formally all overly, it is used in the whole country that issue for enforcement. Current also clear regulation of article 6 of constitution law of the Republic of China: ' the Republic of China national flag determine as '. Blue sky , daytime , history of the red national flag fully, can be regarded as a history of founding state of the Republic of China, its meaning represented is as follows: Blue and green representative's light purity , nationality and freedom; It is honest and unselfish that white to take the place of forms , civil rights and equal; The red represents and defies dying , people's livelihood and universal fraternity. 12 brilliant rays in daytime, represent for one year and 12 months, there are 12 divisions of day and night in one day; Symbolizing the lifeblood of the country too, one that is with time advances perpetuity in the world; Encourage compatriots and grow with each passing hour even more , improve oneself and does not stop .

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