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請中翻英 秦始皇的重大事項 有回答就馬上給分喔






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    1.Unify seven country (Yan , Wei , Zhao , neat , Qin , clear , Chinese ) , establish millennium foundation of " Chinese nation ".

    2.Unify the weights and measures, Zhang, chi, inch, jin, two,etc..

    3.Unify the currency .

    4.China's Chinese word evolves to the seal character from the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells, the script of style of calligraphy really enters civilization era.

    5.Build the Great Wall, it is mankind's greatest construction work at that time, it is a miracle that the mankind constructed the thing up until now too.

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    1.Unify seven countries(Yan ,Wei,Zhao,neat ,Qin,Chu,Han),establish the thousand years groundwork of"Chinese nation".

    2.Unify the weights and measures,zhang ,meter,inch,jin,liang etc.

    3.Unify the currency.

    4.The Chinese writing is evolved the seal script by the oracle-bone scripture,the matrix form of written is real to enter the civilization for times.

    5.Fix to set up the Great Wall,is the biggest construction engineering in mankind at that time,also was up to the present the mankind construct strange vestige of the thing.

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