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weighted sound pressure level

我想請問一下何謂the squared A-weighted sound pressure,它與sound exposure level(SEL)有任何的關係嗎?以及(SEL)的定義?

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    民用航空器音量之測定依據國際標準組織 (ISO) 三八九一號規定之有效

    覺察音量測量法 (EPN, Effective Perceived Noise) 、A 權最大音量 (

    A-weighting Maximum Noise Level) 或噪音曝露位準 (SEL,Sound Exp-

    osure Level) 評定之。單位分別為 EPN 分貝 (EPNdB) 、LAmax 分貝

    (LAmaxdB) 及 SEL 分貝 (SELdB) 。

    Source(s): 民用航空器噪音管制標準
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    A-Weighted Sound Level

    A measure of sound pressure level designed to reflect the response of the human ear, which does not respond equally to all frequencies. To describe sound in a manner representative of the human ear's response, it is necessary to reduce the effects of the low and high frequencies with respect to the medium frequencies. The resultant sound level is said to be A-weighted, and the units are dBA. The A-weighted sound level is also called the noise level. Sound level meters have an A-weighting network for measuring A-weighted sound levels.

    Sound Exposure Level (SEL)

    SEL is a measure of the physical energy of the noise event which takes into account both intensity and duration. People do not hear SEL. SEL takes all of the energy under the line in a noise versus time chart and compresses it to a 1 second value.

    SEL is typically used to compare noise events of varying durations and intensities.








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