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    也許 彩虹糖末日 會翻的比較好也說不定

    It is not the e but the hao .

    Alas ! alas ! my parents ,

    With what toil ye gave me birth !

    Long and large grows the e ; --

    It is not the e but the wei .

    Alas ! alas ! my parents ,

    With what toil and suffering ye gave me birth !

    When the pitcher is exhausted ,

    It is the shame of the jar .

    Than to live an orphan ,

    It would be better to have been long dead .

    Fatherless , who is there to rely on ?

    Motherless , who is there to depend on ?

    When I go abroad , I carry my grief with me ;

    When I come home , I have no one to go to .

    O my father , who begat me !

    O my mother , who nourished me !

    Ye indulged me , ye fed me ,

    Ye held me up , ye supported me ,

    Ye looked after me , ye never left me ,

    Out and in ye bore me in your arms .

    If I would return your kindness ,

    It is like great Heaven , illimitable ,

    Cold and bleak is the Southern hill ;

    The rushing wind is very fierce .

    People all are happy ; --

    Why am I alone thus miserable ?

    The Southern hill is very steep ;

    The rushing wind is blustering .

    People all are happy ; --

    I alone have been unable to finish [my duty] .

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