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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


麻煩英文超強的各位 , 可以幫我翻譯這一段商品介紹,謝謝!!!





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    2 decades ago
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    Furnished with OLED and show double-coloredly that the screen and surface of the mirror are designed , can show time at the same time under entering and saving the electric way while awaiting the opportune moment

    His simple and easy operation interface, only five buttons are distributed on both sides, it including make /functions, such as shut-down , advancing , going backwards , adjusting it volume , recording,etc., needn't read the manual , can be grasped easily too; Build 256MB storing device inside, still can take the important file away with oneself ; Build lithium battery inside, can charge USB interface directly , can support the broadcasting for a long time of 15 hours at the same time ; High-quality recording and broadcasting the tone quality , needn't worry having appearances of the noise while listening to the music; The recording shelf can also be compressed into MP3 form directly; No matter go outside official working , outing travel, the victory is transported, the bus is first-class, can listen to the music at any time , the music downloading oneself and liking is enjoyed everywhere.

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    Having an OLED double color manifestation screen and mirror faces the design,entering the province electricity mode's descending while needing the machine can show time meanwhile

    His simple operation interface,only five buttons distribute in two sides,including to open/shut down,go forward,retreat,adjust volume,record sound etc. function,do not need to see the instructions,also can start easily;Inside set up the 256 MB memory,return the ability to bring to walk along with the important text file;Inside set up the lithium battery,can refresh with the USB interface directly,can support 15 hours meanwhile to broadcast with long hours;High-quality recording and broadcast the sound quality,do not need to worry the appearance of having the miscellaneous sound while listenning music;Recording sound the file can also compress the MP3 formatses directly;Go out to transact in spite of,the outing trip,mass transit,bus is first-class,can listen to music at any time,music that downloads the oneself to like enjoys everywhere.

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