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Deadwood Mountain 是什麼意思

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    翻譯軟體是翻譯成龍骨幫木山 , 不過我不曉得為什ㄇ , 而且你用大寫 , 就應該是名詞 .

    要是只是你打錯 , 我倒是有其他解釋 :

    1. 滿山滿谷ㄉ枯木

    2. 枯木遍野

    3. 一無是處ㄉ山脈

    4. 沉寂ㄉ山


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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    Definition I

    deadwood no pl 1. (branch, tree) madera f seca 2. inf (person) persona f inútil; (people) gente f inútil; (thing) cosa f inútil

    Definition II


    noun [C]

    1 a raised part of the Earth's surface, much larger than a hill, the top of which might be covered in snow:

    The Matterhorn is one of the biggest mountains in Europe.

    The Rockies are a mountain chain/range in the western USA.

    I'd love to go mountain-climbing.

    We're going to the mountains (= an area where there are mountains) for our holiday.

    2 UK a large amount of food which is kept in storage instead of being sold, so that prices for it do not fall:

    a grain mountain


    noun [C]

    a person who climbs mountains as a sport or job


    noun [U]

    the sport or activity of climbing mountains



    1 having a lot of mountains:

    a mountainous region

    2 very big:

    mountainous waves


    plural noun

    used as part of a name for a group of mountains:

    the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago



    1 枯枝, 枯木

    2 無用的東西

    3 無用的人



    so 意思應該是枯掉的山

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  • 2 decades ago


    有一首歌也叫Deadwood Mountain

    Deadwood 是沒枯枝的意思, 所以我猜

    Deadwood Mountain 是一座沒樹的山... 是風光已過, 很lonely 的意思!? @@

    Source(s): i guess...
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