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Butter that toast是什麼意思?


SARA: Are you kidding? I live for this. I mean, Shelley Stark and I are the same height and weight.

NICK: Yeah, but you're taller, thinner.

SARA: Oh, butter that toast, Nick.

請問butter that toast要怎麼解釋呢? 可以來個例句嗎? 謝謝


我知道它字面上的意思...... 我要的是它隱含的意思...!!! 謝謝

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    哈 雖照字面解 butter that toast 是“塗奶油在土司上“

    但根據前後文是 Sara 用來調凱Nick嘴巴很甜的意思

    所以,buuter that toast 在這裡的意思是:哦,塗奶油在土司上吧 (嘴巴真甜啊!)尼克!

    你也可以想像是尼克的奉成話是奶油,Sara是土司.....或者是“尼克, 嘴巴可以再甜一點哦!“

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    這邊應該不是 把奶油塗在吐司上那麼簡單的表面意義~~toast 這邊應該是名詞 表示 賀詞butter 當名詞用時是 諂媚15 entries found for butter. The first 10 are listed below.To select an entry, click on it. For more results, click here. butter[1,noun]butter[2,transitive verb]apple butterbread-and-butterbread and butterbutter-and-eggsbutter beanbutter clambutter upcacao butter Main Entry: 1but·ter


    Pronunciation: 'b&-t&rFunction: nounEtymology: Middle English, from Old English butere, from Latin butyrum, from Greek boutyron, from bous cow + tyros cheese; akin to Avestan tuiri- curds -- more at COW1 : a solid emulsion of fat globules, air, and water made by churning milk or cream and used as food2 : a buttery substance: as a : any of various fatty oils remaining nearly solid at ordinary temperatures b : a creamy food spread; especially : one made of ground roasted nuts <peanut butter>3 : FLATTERY  <----定義在這邊不過在此句中當動詞~ 所以~~~SARA: Oh, butter that toast, Nick. 歐 尼克 你還真會狗腿 (嘴巴是這樣說~不過心裡得意)

    Source(s): Merriam Webster
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    Butter that toast = put some butter on that toast, spread some butter on that toast.

    A: Mum, buttter my toast, put some butter on my toast, spread some butter on my toast, please.

    B: Sure.

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