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怎麼 to find my question?

I ever posted a question, and I can not fine where it is located? I copied the subject and pasted it to the blank of 找知識 and then I click on search. MY question is still not responed. I still can not fine my question.

Can someone tell me?


My computer can not be typed in Chinese. I'm sorry for this.


I'm sorry, I think I didn't express my question very well. The problem that I would like to know is that does my question be located in a common list? Because I can't fine my question in the common list where I placed my question.

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    2 decades ago

    Thanks for 暈倒在水中的魚 and G7 for taking time out to answer my question.

    I now have got to know that my question is visible due to every Big-Big’s respond.

    ThanQ very much and Thanks for your understanding at my English.

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