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    I screwed up on the exam.........

    1.because our teacher was such a retard, that i don't give a damn about passing this subject.

    2.because i didn't like this subject in the first place, so wether i pass or not is not a big deal for me.

    3.because i wasn't even told there will be an exam,

    4.because my neighbor's answers were all incorrect, so they're the one to blame.

    5.because i've been so sick all week long, with infection of the flu from Peter.

    6.because the spectator was very strict about cheating, he kept spying up on me.

    7.because my mother gave me a brain with IQ only of 70, so what can i do with it?

    8.because what was in the exam wasn't something i know, and what i know was not in the exam

    9.because i've forgotten to put my name on the paper, as a result, i got nothing for the grade.(use this only when you got a 0%)

    10.because my stupid pen went out of ink, therefore i wasn't able to finish the paper properly.





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    1. Because I slept too late last night, I feel sleepy when testing.

    2. Since I'm not interested in the subject, I can not understand what to read.

    3. I forgot that we would have a exam today, so I did not study.

    4. I have a stomachache today, so I cannot do it well.

    5. The teacher did not teach the subject well, so I do not know how to answer the questions.

    6. The questions in the exam are too hard to answer for students.

    7. I had a fever last night and felt terrible, so I could not study it.

    8. Even though I did study it very hard, I felt very nervous when testing.

    9. I thought we would have a exam for another chapter, but not this one.

    10. There had some family emergency last night, so I did not have time to study.

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