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    A: The Year-end Banquet (尾牙)

    Jane: I can't wait until our company has the year-end banquet this year.

    Mickey: Me neither. I heard that we're going to eat at one of the Cantonese restaurants downtown.

    Jane: Excellent! I love Cantonese food. That sounds better than the place we went last year.

    Mickey: Oh, come on! I thought the banquet was pretty good last year.

    Jane: It was a nice looking place, but I don't think that the food was that great.

    Mickey: The main thing that I remember was when the waitress accidentally brought out a dish of stir-fried squid.

    Jane: Oh yeah, I think that she made a mistake because she heard the wrong thing. Everyone was nervous that they were going to get fired.

    Mickey: I remember our coworker Joe got really nervous and kept drinking liquor. Finally at the end of the banquet he threw up. How embarrassing!

    Jane: I'll bet the waitress got in a lot of trouble for that mistake.

    Mickey: Yeah, her boss probably stir-fried some squid for her at their year-end banquet.













    B: When Honesty Isn't the Best Policy ... (當誠實非上策時……)

    Molly: Guess what Jeff ... I was shopping yesterday, and I found a great clothing store with cheap prices.

    Jeff: That's nice. Did you buy anything there?

    Molly: Yes, I was just hoping that you'd notice this new shirt that I bought there.

    Jeff: Oh, you mean the one that you're wearing right now? Hmm ... uh, yeah, I can see how it might not have been very expensive.

    Molly: Well, it really wasn't! As soon as I saw it I knew that I just had to buy it. So what do you think?

    Jeff: Well, it certainly looks interesting ... I guess you could call that paisley design a bit "unique."

    Molly: And I even picked up a shirt for you too. Look, it's a bright green shirt with a leopard-skin collar. Pretty cool, huh?

    Jeff: Uh ... yeah, I guess you could say it's interesting. It's not usually the kind of thing I wear, but it's the thought that counts ... It was nice of you to buy it for me.

    Molly: OK Jeff, just be honest and let me know what you think. Is this shirt the greatest shirt in the world or what!?

    Jeff: Well, uh ... yeah, it might not match with some of my other clothes, but it's um ... yeah, well ... uh, nice. Thank you.













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    A:Hi,how are you?

    B:Not really good.

    A:What happend?

    B:I will have my final exam,and my teacher said it's pretty hard!I will be crazy!

    A:Don't worry.I have some suggestion.

    B:What is it?

    A:First,read your textbook,workbook,tests....and check some mistakes.

    B:And then?

    A:If you don't know what's wrong with the mistakes,take them out and ask your parents.teachers,classmates.

    B:Oh,I see. thank you so much.Are there anything I also have to do?

    A:Don't be so tired,or it will make you fall asleep.

    B:But then I can't read all the books!

    A:You can read them at the school.right?

    B:Oh,right.Thank you for tell me all this things.

    A:You're welcome.Belive in yourself!

    B:I will.Bye!



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