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{ 自己翻起來不太通順,麻煩英文好手幫忙,thx!! }










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    My father is an insurance member.

    I remember a night that rains rain forever,

    The father opens the car to carry the whole family, the person goes to customer's house to collect the insurance fee together,

    The house of that person we found to just find out for a long time,there is torrential heavy rain outside,

    The father brought a peaked cap even the umbrellas all did not support and then run to go out,seeing the father's figure,

    I was suddenly red eye socket,the father are how hard for the sake of the families,

    Rush about for the sake of several hundred dollars,we should cherish the blessing,also the thankful old day gives me a good father

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    My father is an insurance. I forever remembered rains the night, the father drives carries the whole family to go to the guest household number to receive the insurance premium together, That person's family we looked only then have found for a long time, outside under torrential rain, The father brought to go against the duckbill cap The umbrella has not all supported has run Looks at father's form, My suddenly red eye socket, the father for the whole family was how laborious In order to several hundred Yuan rush about, we are should be grateful, also thank the heaven to give me a good father

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    整篇是不是用過去式比較好呢? 第三行第一個字"The"可換成"My"嗎?

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