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    Kisses holiday which the festival is I most likes,Because that is a day expresses me to the mother's graciousness of

    nurtureEvery year Mother's Day all in May second sundayIn every year that one day,I all can lead me mother to a high-quality restaurant,Then finishes by one very special wayLiked last year,I am dining last act,I give the mother bunch of flowersThen my mother's tear was not obedient flows off,Because she is moved is unable with the spoken language expression,Has to leave free the tear vertically and horizontally,But that tear is happy is not sad

    Recollected me in childhoodA some secondary serious coldHas a feverCoughEven the white blood cell excessively is also high

    Almost initiates the leukemiaBut is falling ill these days is mother daily looks after meNot once sleptIn midnight when I get a high feverAlso is mother leads me to go to the hospitalSo long as I ㄧ cry mother also to cry with meBecause he did not know how reduces my ache

    I most liked me mother!He shines I like the sunlightAlso likes a big tree to accompany me to grow upLikes together the guidepostDirects me to walk toward the correct directionAlthough our some time some disputesBut our sentiment actually more quarrels well

    This year Mother's Day coming soonIn this sacred dayI must grasp her and kiss herTo him loud said mother I loves you

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    Mother's Day is my favorite festival,because that is a day to express me to the kidness that mother bring up.Mother's Days of every year are in May of the second Sunday.That day,I will bring my mother to a restaurant of high class,then end with a kind of very special way in every year.Be like the last year,I at the end that have a meal,I give the mother's a bunch of flower.Then the tears of my mother indocile flow down,because her moving can't use the speech expression,have to allow the tears and has been flowing,but that tears is happy is not sad

    Remember to rise my childhood.Had to get a cold of severity once.Develop a fever.A cough.Even returned the leukocyte to lead high

    Almost cause the leukemia.And be aring the care of mothers' everydays for sick this several dayses I.Have never slept.At midnight be me to have high fever.It is also mother to bring me to go to the hospital.As long as I cry mother to also come after me to cry.Because he does not know how to reduce my ache.

    I liked most my mother!He is like the sunlight to shine in glory me.Also be like a big tree companion, I grow up.Even be like a piece of signpost.The direction that guides me to go toward the exactitude walks.Although our some quarrels of sometimes.But our affection is more noisy more good.Sometimes I am not reasonable to cause you perplex.However your still forgiving Mother's Day that I accept my this year will soon come.In the day of this heavenliness.I want to embrace her and kiss her.Mother to saying of his horselaugh I love you.

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