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    You need to become NY resident in order to pay in-state tuition. The In-State status varies from state to state. About how to prove you live in the state you are applying, the best way is to keep record of all your activities, such as rent, utility bills, movie tickets, restaurants receipts, gas station receipts, also very critical to prove you are not only living in NY, but also you spent your vacation in NY. Any prove you have earned money and your paying state tax to IRS is a big plus.

    The rules are changing rather frequently so DO check your prospective school websites and contact the school administration for update instructions. Any information from Yahoo Knowledge is all second hand. It's a good practice for you anyway.

    Good luck!!!

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    一樓的說法有誤吧~ 無須年滿21~ 也無須報稅~ 只要你的ID上是 New York 的 ID, 那從你拿ID那天算起大概兩年吧, 每洲州法不同, 最快是問學校要幾年. 華盛頓州是兩年, 加州一年.~

    很簡單的問題, 你ID換了沒?

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    突然想到, 忘了解釋為什麼不用報稅, 你每天在紐約買東西有付稅, 學費有付稅, 日常生活中有用到的東西, 水電費都是稅, 不知不覺你已經有繳到稅, 所以報不報稅根本沒差, 差的是你住幾年.

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    可是 我朋友 才剛滿20歲 他也是用in-state的啊? (報稅 現在 是都要報吧 連國際學生都要報啊 難不成 是因為我是"年滿21"的留學生 -_-")

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    你得要報稅並年滿21才能夠有in state 的學費喔

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