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例如過去完成式 過去完成進行式等(請把你知道的都列出來)


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    Active Voice

    Present Tense:

    ex.Where there is a will, there is a way.

    The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

    Past Tense:

    ex. My car broke in my way home yesterday.

    Future Tense:

    ex.Jesus will come to judge all of us soon.

    Present Progressive Tense:

    ex.The new technology is changing the way we live today.

    Our Mother Nature is crying for our help.

    Past Progressive Tense:

    ex.I was typing my assignment when the earthquake happened last year.

    I was always fooling around when I was a senior high student.

    Future Progressive Tense:

    ex.I shall be preparing my research report when you come at nine tomorrow night

    According to the forecast of the local weather station, it will be storming when we arrive there this afternoon.

    Present Perfect Tense:

    ex.I have just finished my composing ten minutes ago.

    She has never returned since she left two years ago.

    Past Perfect Tense:

    ex.Doc. Lin had earned his remarkable fame in western theology before he taught English in our school.

    I wondered if I had ever dreamed about her.

    Future Perfect Tense:

    ex.You shall have reached your goal by the time I come back.

    I shall have studied for five hours by twenty more minutes.

    Present Progressive Perfect Tense:

    ex.He has been complaining my terrible writing for hours.

    It has been raining on and off since two weeks ago.

    Past Progressive Perfect Tense:

    ex.He had been describing his new style poetry to me till his wife came home.

    They had been dancing for two hours before I joined them.

    Future Progressive Perfect Tense:

    ex.My niece shall have been learning English for four years by next week.

    I will have been serving in the military for two years by three days after tomorrow.

    Passive Voice

    Present Tense:

    ex.Many historical events are swelled by government for some particular political purpose.

    When comes to politics, many things are distorted.

    Past Tense:

    ex.The electricity of nature was discovered by an American named Franklin.

    One of Shakespeare’s romantic anecdotes was revealed in a movie about two years ago.

    Future Tense:

    ex.Students will be seriously punished by the administration of school if they cheat in midterm or final exam.

    A new teacher will be introduced to all of us in the afternoon.

    Present Progressive Tense:

    ex.An assignment is being written by me now.

    A strategy of attacking global terrorism is being schemed by a union that is led by USA called NATO, which stand for North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

    Past Progressive Tense:

    ex.Many Jewish were being massacred by German military while Hitler was dreaming of his victory during World War Ⅱ.

    He was being judged for the accusation of robbing when his first child was bore in a hospital.

    Present Perfect Tense:

    ex.Many great heroic legends, no deference in the Eastern or Western, have been chanted and admired for years by general.

    I have been invited to join their studying in epic Beowulf.

    Past Perfect Tense:

    ex.I had been asked to pick her up by her sister when she arrived Taiwan a few days ago.

    She had been provoked by several scoundrels for minutes when policemen came.

     Future Perfect Tense:

    ex.The speech competition will have been held at noontime tomorrow.

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