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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

有什麼單字的字母 o , 不發音 ?

有什麼單字的字母 o , 不發音 ?

有什麼單字的字母 o , 不發音 ?


"leopard", "people","jeopardy"

這些算是字母 eo 的範圍.........

Update 2:



Update 3:

答案的單字可以說有 2 種發音情形...

其中一種就視為 字母 o , 不發音~~~

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  • 2 decades ago
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    Well, at the moment, I can think of "leopard", "people","jeopardy" ... why do you ask?

    By the way, manoeuvre is the British version of maneuver. I went to British school before I studied in US.

    If you have studied the English composition, then you should know the word "denouement"... This particular word is pronounced as "de nu mah". It's a french word, but it is commonly used in English.

    I think Big G8 is right. Are you trying to learn something or too bored?


    To 鐵樂士,

    Since you are a Canadian, you should know Newfoundland. The o in Newfoundland is silent. I think the answers are plenty, it just that dd-Petty got something specific in mind... and she is incredibly bored. Heck, she might be even thinking about "chocolate" (women love it), but that wasn't an English-rooted word. Other words like "history" or "colonel", but they are not English-rooted words as well.

    I ain't no English teacher, I am a techie from CA (not Canada, but California), but I did take Spanish, German,...etc while I was in high school and college.

    2005-04-22 16:21:02 補充:

    eo, but the o is silent

    2005-04-23 00:57:22 補充:

    鐵樂士, are you sure about that? dd in chinese could have some interesting implication.

    2005-04-25 15:43:59 補充:

    Perfect, yes, you got it. My nick is alpha male... meaning I am a dominant male... (at work at least.)

    2005-04-26 11:21:26 補充:


    In computer terms (regular expression), * = all.

    I agree with 大G8 that the motivation behind the question isn't likely to gain knowledge, but out of boredom. I see no sign of intelligence behind the question.

    2005-04-27 05:03:07 補充:

    dd-Petty, Remember "Laboratory" and "factory" have different pronounciation vcariation. In those cases, they are not silent. If you do not really know the answer, you should seek it with sincerity. not playing games...

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    iron 不是 答案...

    您是加拿大籍 東方人嗎?

    2005-04-25 14:09:32 補充:

    The answer of this question will improve your knowledge

    in English >>>>>>

    2005-04-26 10:57:36 補充:

    對(*)的人來說, 它就是”無聊的”東西~ 請填空

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  • 2 decades ago


    想了想, 只想到iron,


    2005-04-22 17:00:41 補充:

    She could be, but her name surely does not imply anything vulgar...

    Source(s): 我是加拿大籍英文老師
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  • 2 decades ago





    Source(s): my own knowledge
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