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In Ad#1, Tom is the main body of the advertisement, likes the lead in the novel, the play or continual cartoon. From six pictures, you may know Tom not only a chair, but also one kind of characteristic or the mark to the viewer; as for the sell company of Tom to say that, he is also one kind of personification embodiment design in the brand vision recognition system. The enterprises have need of the unique individuality performance intensely. Because the way of brand’s disposition could concrete application, it may suddenly reveal the product or the service difference, and promote the consumer regarding the product or brand favorable impression. Therefore, by this advertisement, the whole penetrates role with the personification, and also produces one kind of interest. The closely links takes advantage of the consumer, the enterprise and the commodity, the three relations marketing technique.





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請問有imrove這個字嗎? 看起來怪怪的 謝謝

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    1. In AD 1, Tom is the main character in the advertisement, like the leading actor in the novel, the play or the cartoon sequel.

    2. From the six pictures, you may know Tom is not only a chair, but he is also part of the characteristic or a symbol to the viewer.

    3. For the company that promotes or sells Tom, he is also one kind of personification design in the visional brand recognition system.

    4. The company needs a specific or unique design to help the brand stand out.

    5. It makes people notice the differential of the brand and imroves the brand's image.

    6. Therefore, this advertisement is expected to achieve the results that bring consumers, corporation and products together by creating an interesting personified character "Tom".

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