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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago
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    During my secondary(junior high) school time, my favorite history was Chinese History at the period of 1917 to 1927, but now has changed to the Middle Ages history of Europe. How much do you understand about the history of Taiwan?

    I love to draw comics since I was a small kid but I did go for drawing classes only after the age of fifteen. My purpose of going for drawing lesson was to get into an art institute in the future but my dream was not fulfilled in the end.

    Source(s): What I was being taught...=]
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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    In our country when most likes is the 1917~1927 Chinese history, now likes the Middle Ages century the European history. How many do you understand to Taiwan's history? I like the picture cartoon since childhood, but 15 year old of talent officially studies the picture. The at that time study picture mainly is for test the fine arts class, but finally or has not gone reads the fine arts class.

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