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•Lashes can become over coated with mascara. Mascara creates longer and fuller lashes, but may also cause lashes to stick together, leading to clumps on the lash. The Beauty Strokes Lash Brush gives you the cleansing tool you need for final lash grooming.

1.Brush on mascara with your mascara’s application wand. Coat lashes to your desired look.

2.Brush out lashes with the clean lash brush end of your duo brush. This will separate the lashes and enhance your mascara application for a perfect lash look


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    睫毛上的睫毛膏有可能刷得太多。雖然睫毛膏可以讓睫毛變的又濃又長,但它也會把睫毛黏在一塊兒,導致結塊。Beauty Strokes (品牌名吧)睫毛刷是你在最後整理睫毛時最佳的清理工具。



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