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You are a sight for sore eyes.

You are a sight for sore eyes.請翻譯^^(翻譯機奇摩字典勿入)

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    sight 指的是 美景sore eyes 指的是 疲累的雙眼直接翻就是 你這一幅美麗的景色 解除我的疲累也就是說


    我真的好高興 好高興看到你(好感人的一張圖圖喔 都快哭了)  One whom it is a relief or joy to see, as in Linda, who had not seen him in 15 years, told him he was a sight for sore eyes. This idiom implies an appearance so welcome that it heals ailing eyes. [First half of 1700s](常出現在機場裡面 久別老友 親人 愛人的第一句話)After working three days without going home, my cat really is a sight for sore eyes.

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    謝謝 過講了

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    Let me translate androool's english for y'all... fugly means "f**king ugly."

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    but really, "sight for sore eyes" means (informally)

    "One whom it is a relief or joy to see." Check

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    我怎麼看起來像是 you are a pain in the ass 的感覺


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