She is a rose. 是明喻或暗喻?

以下這兩句是明喻或暗喻?She is a rose. 是明喻或暗喻?She is like a rose.是明喻或暗喻?謝謝您~~~~~~

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    She is a rose---Metaphor暗喻

    Metaphor的解釋是:A Metaphor asserts the identity, "without" a connective such as "like" or a verb such as "appears", of terms that are literally incompatible.

    例:She is the rose, the glory of the day.

    She is like a rose---Simile明喻

    Simile的解釋是:items from different classes are explicitly compared by a connective such as "like, as", or "than" or by a verb such as "appear" or "seems".

    例:Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.

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    She is a rose是metaphor

    She is like a rose是simile

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    She is a rose. 是暗喻


    She is like a rose. 是明喻


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