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上個星期.你到高雄的親戚家玩.... 星期五你人在高雄火車站 星期六你去親戚家打撲克牌 星期日去海灘玩 還有以下的指標 when did you go to Kaohsiung ? who did you visit? what did you do in Kaohsiung 必要的字母 Kaohsiung 高雄 train station 火車站 beach 海邊 went swimming 游泳 took train 搭火車 piated cards 玩牌 relative親戚...請幫忙

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    Last weekend,I took train to my relative in Kaohsiung......I was at the Kaohsiung train station on Friday.On Saturday,I played piated cards with my cousins at my relative's home.We went to the beach on Sunday.And then we went swimming quickly.I had a great moment in my relative's home.



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    Last weekend,I was invited to Kaohsiung by my relatives.

    On Friday,I took train to Kaohsiung,and my uncle had waited for me at Kaohsiung train station.Seeing him,I was so happy that I gived him a hug.

    The next day,I piated cards with my cousins, pleasuring with their company.

    On Sunday morning, we all went swimming and enjoyed the sunshine at the beach.

    Thanks for my relatives,I had a good time in Kaohsiung. It's really an unforgettable holiday.

    盡力了 希望你還能接受~@

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