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Near Miss Reports

請問高手怎麼翻 ? Near Miss Reports


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     The concept of the "NEAR MISS REPORTS" is to learn from situations where an  accident "almost" happened so that real injuries can be prevented. Everyday in forestry industries, incidents occur which do not result in injuries or property damage, but which cause everyone involved to heave a sigh of relief. These incidents point to problems and possibly to trends which, if not corrected, may well result in serious accidents in the future. Near Miss Reports 這個概念 目前中文應該是還沒有正式翻譯名稱或許可暫譯為 近事故報告

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    或可翻譯為 『虛驚事件』,亦即差一點就發生事故,還好沒有發生,但足以心生驚懼警惕。

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