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1.蔚藍的天空2. 晴空3. 魚鱗天4. 廣闊的星空5. 陰沉的天空6. 好像快要下雨的天空7. 蒼穹8. 多雲的天空9. 怖滿彩霞的天空10. 深藍色的天空

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    1.蔚藍的天空:the azure sky

    2. 晴空:a clear sky; a cloudless sky; a bright sky

    3. 魚鱗天:[專有名詞]mackerel sky--似魚鱗狀的卷積雲和高積雲的一種雲型。見於5000公尺高空。

    4. 廣闊的星空:vast starry night(I'm not sure of the answer.)

    5. 陰沉的天空:overcast;cloudy sky;gloomy sky

    6. 好像快要下雨的天空:overcast;cloudy sky

    7. 蒼穹:the firmament

    EG:What is the spirit that makes the firmament revolve;wherefore does the evening star sink into the western wave but to rise from the radiant East?


    8. 多雲的天空:overcast;cloudy sky

    9. 怖滿彩霞的天空:the sky with rosy clouds

    10. 深藍色的天空:mazarine sky;navy blue sky(I'm not sure of the answer.)

    Source(s): Dr.eye (4、7、10的資料來源)--Ms.Kansan 不保證回答 :P
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    2. 晴空

    3. 魚鱗天

    4. 廣闊的星空

    5. 陰沉的天空

    6. 好像快要下雨的天空

    7. 蒼穹

    8. 多雲的天空

    9. 怖滿彩霞的天空

    10. 深藍色的天空

    1.The indigo sky

    2. The sky of which it clears up

    3. Day of scale

    4. Vast starry sky

    5. Dull sky

    6. The sky that rains soon

    7. The sky

    8. The sky of tending to become cloudy

    9. The sky of beautiful color fully feared cloud

    10. The thick blue sky

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    look like the sky??...what the hack was that???

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    1. The deep blue sky

    2. clear sky

    3. partially cloudy weathers

    4. broad starry skies

    5. cloudy sky

    6. Looks like sky which soon rains

    7. vaults of heaven

    8. cloudy sky

    9. intimidated full pink clouds sky

    10. dark blue sky which soon rains

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