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有人問此句 該怎麼翻較好She iron the clothes neatly and ...?比如說那個女傭每天把衣服燙的很平整請把衣服燙平! Please iron the clothes.(還要加平順整齊的形容詞)

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    請把衣服燙平These clothes need to be ironed smoothly, please. 但這句話有點問題, 因為燙衣服的目的就是打算把衣服燙平, 除非你不信任燙衣服的人的技術 ^^通常可以說These clothes need to be ironed well, please. 或是Please iron them (these clothes) well. 就可以

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    that's what i'm trying to say here...... all the so-called adjectives/adverbs are redundant......there is no need to use "smoothly", "straight", or "nice" (it should be nicely, btw).......

    please iron them (these clothes) well 請把衣服燙平(好)....但你有點不信任他人的技術..... ^^

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    She ironed the clothes nice and STRAIGHT.

    Here, "straight" is the best choice of words (筆挺) for shirts and pants.

    Straight can be used as the antonym to "wrinkled." You can also use "sharp" but it's not as fitting.

    Smooth is another word, but it is usually used to describe the texture of the clothes (such as silk shirt) and less to do with wrinkles.

    You can use "flat" but since you are wearing the cloth, it is not really "flat."

    As far as "把衣服燙平" => just "Please iron the clothes." "燙平" as an adjective is "ironed" such as "nicely ironed shirt," so "Please iron the clothes ironed" just sounds weird.

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    一般來說, Please iron the clothes.就可以了啦~~~


    Please iron the clothes flat^^


    Please iron out the clothes.


    和iron the clothes一樣~~



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