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    2 decades ago
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    Kan-Din Yu-Nuan-Bi Lighthouse

    During daytime, one can take a realxing stroll along the park. While at night, one can enjoy the beauty of the lighthouse. There is no burning hot sun in the park at night to repel the visiters. One can easily admire the magnificence of the lighthouse in serenity. In addition, the trail is exceptionally gorgeous under the soft moonlight. Most important of all is the fact that all this alluring scenery can be seen at no cost. On the other hand, the park is also extraordinary by day. There is a large variety of tropical plants to be seen. Futhermore, the breathtaking coral reef is always waiting to be explored by newcomers. And who can ever forget the ravishing trail along the shore. A trip to the Kan-Din park is definitely memorable and worthwhile.

    Source(s): live in canada de experience la ^^ ~hope this helps
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  • 2 decades ago

    Kending goose small tinkling bell nose lighthouseDaytime may go to the goose luan nose park, evening also may come to look at the lighthouse. Evening swims to the goose luan nose park night, both does not have the hot sun threatening, and may watch the evening lighthouse light beam the elegant demeanour, under the moonlight footpath is especially beautiful, more importantly... ... Does not receive the admission ticket! Certainly the daytime goose luan nose park also has its beautiful one side, in the garden has the many kinds of tropics Binhai plant as well as the coral reef terrain, the Binhai footpath is also good.

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