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[英文]有關Health Problems

有高手能幫我想出共十四句有關Health Problems的英文會話腳本ㄇ

A B兩個角色


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    A: [Coughing...]

    B: Are you ok?

    A: I caught a cold last night.

    B: What syndrome do you have?

    A: I cough all the time and I have a sore throat...

    B: How's your nose?

    A: Currently, I have a running nose but it's not serious.

    B: Maybe you have to go to hospital.

    A: Well, I think what I have to do is to take a rest and drink a lot of water.

    B: That's right but.., I think it's better for you to see a doctor.

    A: Hmmm, I'll do so if I can't be better within these two days.

    B: Take care!

    A: Thanks! By the way, I'd like to go home now. Please tell Ms. Wang that I'll be off for sickness.

    B: OK!

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