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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

作業須要 中翻英


我的英文名字叫---------- 生於屏東市 今年33歲 育有3子 小時後家裡經營自助餐的生意 因父母親的辛苦 拉拔4個子女長大 雖然家中經濟狀況並不寬裕 但兒童時的生活仍然過的很快樂 在學時成績雖不是最優秀 但也不是最壞 和同學們都能相處融洽 也非常受師長的喜愛 就因為我總是滿臉的笑容 和熱心助人 善解人意的心

高中時期 就讀建教學校 遠離家鄉半工半讀 由於自己的努力 畢業時更拿下四項大獎 出社會後 於3C資訊賣場工作 因而認識了我的丈夫

婚後在家當個全職的家庭主婦 生了3個小孩 並開始我的興趣創作 我喜歡DIY自己動手做 電工 手工 廚藝等方面都在行 唱歌也是我的興趣之一

期間完成了專科學歷 並且充實進修 取得電子設備修護 保母 中餐廚師 女裝 業餘無線電人員等證照

我的理想未來 希望能順利完成二技學業 找到自己興趣的工作 家庭能夠美滿 子女能夠平安快樂的成長 老公不要出軌 那就太棒了

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    My English name ask ---------- Born in Pingdong  33 years old this year  Educate 3 sons  The family deals in the business of the buffet after hour  Because parents work hard  Draw 4 children and grow up  Though the economic situation is not well-to-do in the family  But it is very happy that children's hour's life is still lived  Although the achievement is not most outstanding while studying  But not worst  Can get along with the classmates all harmoniously  Very popular with teacher too  Because I am always a smile of the whole face  With enthusiastic in helping others  Understanding heart  High school period  Study in and build the teaching school  Far away from hometown part study  Because of one's own efforts  Take down four Grand Prix even more while graduating  After the society appeared  Work in the information sales field of 3C  Therefore has known my husband  Act as a full-time housewife at home after marriage  Have given birth to 3 children  And the interest beginning me is created  I like DIY oneself to start to do  Electrician  Craft  The respects , such as culinary skill ,etc. are all expert at  It is one of my interests too to sing  Have finished the training academic credentials during this time  And substantiate and receive a training  Obtain electronic equipment maintenance  Protect the mother  Chinese food cook  Women's clothing  Certificates , such as amateurish radio personnel ,etc.  My ideal future  Hope to finish two skill study smoothly  Find the work of one's own interest  The family can be happy  Growth that children can be safe and happy  The husband mustn't overstep the limit  Excellent 

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    雨天 的不錯 第一第二實在是#(*#^$!

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    My name is ........., I was born in Ping Dong. I am 33 years old and have three children. When I was young, my family ran a buffet restaurant. Because of my parents' hard work, they have succesfully brought up their four children. Even though we weren't raised in a financially abundant environment, we still had a very happy childhood.

    In school, I was considered average, academically. But I was quite popular amongst my schoolmates and teachers because of the smile I always wear on my face as well as my willingness to understand and help others. After middle school, I attended an architectural education high school, where I had to live away from home while working part-time to pay for the tuition. As a result, I graduated with honors of four awards.

    Post graduation, I began working at the 3C Information Sales Field(?) where I eventually met my husband. After we were married and had three children, I became a full-time home-maker where I developed a hobby in creating and fixing things with my own hands, whether it be electronics, decorations or cooking. Singing has also become an interest of mine. During all this, I was able to finish a college degree as well as obtain licenses for eletronic repairs, care-taker, chinese culinary chef, and part-time cable installer.

    In the time to come, I would like to succesfully complete my 二技學業 and find a job that I'm truely interested in. If my family could continue to be loving, my children continue to grow up in safty, and my husband continue to be faithful, then I would be the happiest person in the world.

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    My English name is called ---------- to be born 33 years old nurtures after screen east market this year has 3 sub- hours in the family to manage the buffet business because parents' laborious 4 children to grow up although in the family the economical condition was not certainly ample but time child's life still to cross very joyfully although was not most outstanding but is not worst and the schoolmates all can be together harmoniously in the study period result also extremely receives division commander's affection after because my always Man Lien smiling face and the ambitious center time which good ed intention to go study constructs teaches the school to be far away the hometown work-study program because time own diligently graduation took the next four big prizes to leave the society to 3C The information sells the field work thus had known after my husband marries in the home when the full-time employment housewife has lived 3 children and starts my interest to create me to like DIY beginning to make aspect and so on electrician manual all sings in the line also is of a period my interests will complete the faculty school record and to enrich takes advanced courses obtains card and so on electronic installation child-care worker Chinese meal chef female attire ham radio personnel according to mine ideal future hoped could smoothly complete two techniques studies to find the oneself interest the working family to be able the content children to be able the safe joyful growth husband not to have to go off track that too to be good

    Source(s): 英文初級生的翻譯
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